Twitter Personality Test

I happen to stumble upon Twitchuk, in the KillerStartups website, is an application which lets you verify a twitter account — if it’s a spam or a good one. So I tried it. I check my own twitter user name, @owrange, and I can’t help but laugh at the result. It looks like some reading of result from a psychological personality test.

my twitter personality test result

  • Highlights for this user
  • This user gets plenty of mention — feeling miss popular
  • This user was created a while ago
  • This user has a balanced ratio of friends and followers
  • This user posts alot — my boss is definitely not going to be happy reading this
  • This is an active user
  • This user has shown a lack of spam posts, terms, or links and will most likely will not post spam
  • This user rarely communicates with others and may either be new or using Twitter as a one way information stream — i should communicate more – goodbye productivity rate!

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