UPD8 for Twitter (Globe Service)

I find another way of updating your twitter from your mobile phone, but this is only applicable for Globe users here in Philippines. I see that they started to offer this service way back August 26, 2008. But I have not seen Globe promoted this service. I guess they thought twitter is not really that big here in the Philippines.

If you want to try this service, you need to register first by sending TWITREG <USERNAME> <PASSWORD> to 2370 which will cost you P2.50. To send your tweets, text TWIT <MESSAGE> to 2370. It’s still P2.50/twit. You can see more details here.

Owkei, I registered and tried sending a twit. It gave back a message saying, ‘Sorry this service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.(2)’

It looks like it’s not reliable. Probably, the reason why they have not widely promoted it. It might still  be under construction. But it’s almost a year since they started offering this service, it should be something more working right now I guess. At least, Globe knows about Twitter unlike Smart who looks like they have not heard about Twitter. I have not found anything about twitter in the Smart website.


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5 responses to “UPD8 for Twitter (Globe Service)

  1. carlo

    globe UPD8 never worked for me either. i was able to register but when i attempted to test it like trying to post a shout out,it never did. i wonder why. The globe tweeter service is more reliable, though it won’t post message in real time. there is a certain lag in posting a message. What’s worst about this service is that globe tried to ‘block’ the twitter site, if you would notice, oftentimes when u browse it the normal way, u will get an error advisory, maybe its their way of letting people sign up for their promo, at least for non blackberry or iphone subscriber. That’s why i prefer to update my social net sites via my own laptop and thank God i’m not using Globe on my dsl…that’s a total relief

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      globe now has new sms-based twitter update, it’s called globe mobile tweet. you might like to try it. it’s reliable i think.

  2. I tried to register but it did not reply

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