pre-beginner’s guide to css

Finally, I had my wordpress account upgraded to ‘Custom CSS’ which kind of forced me to learn css. I already find W3Schools Online Web Tutorials before, and thought this is a nice place to learn the CSS. But after a quick read, I felt it’s to technical for my tech-dodo brain.Plus, I was so confident I already have the basic understanding of how CSS works, so I’m trying to find a short cut, a tutorial that gets me right into the meaty part of css.

So I was trying to find another resource where there are lots of pictures, with steps 1, 2, 3 kind of tutorial, and gets me straight to the ‘meaty ‘part. I found Web Designer Wall’s Building Custom WordPress Theme tutorial. The steps are numbered and it has pretty screenshots or visuals to show you how to do it. It has the meaty part. But I felt lost. I realized I should have a full understanding of the basics of CSS.

A workmate pointed me back to W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. And, yes, I believe this is the best place to start. I just gone through 3 chapters, and there are some things I could not quite comprehend. But at least I could see the bigger picture of how CSS works.

To learn CSS, it’s better that you have an idea how HTML works. And, I realized that one easy way to get familiarize with CSS is via This social networking site lets you customize the theme’s CSS for free. They will give you a list of the major elements of the site so you have something to start on. Plus, there are only a few elements so it’s not something cumbersome for the newbies.

This is for today. Not much progress but taking it one step at a time.

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