How to Use for Mobile Tweeting in Philippines

I really put some effort on figuring out how to tweet via using my celphone (globe philippines is my mobile provider). With a help from a friend, I finally figured it out. So following are the step by step on how to register, then tweet via Make sure you already have a twitter acount.

*You can find an alternative to here, you can try our @tweetitow .

* Go to

* Click on Sign Up at the upper right side of the page

Sign Up

Sign Up

* Fill out the form, then click on Sign Up.

Fill out the Form

Fill out the Form

* If you are not logged in automatically, go back to again. Log in.

* Then, click on Twitter at the upper right side of the page.

Click on Twitter

Click on Twitter

* On the following page, you will be asked to enter the verification number sent to your mobile phone. Check your mobile phone.

* After the verification, you will then get into a page with instructions on how to send your tweet via But before you can send your tweets via texting, make sure to enter your twitter userID, and password; then, save twitter settings.

Enter and save your twitter settings

Enter and save your twitter settings

* When you send your tweet from your mobile phone, make sure to follow their required format which is you should put letter S before the message. Like this: S message

All major mobile providers — Globe Philippines, Smart Philippines, Sun, Touch Mobile (TM), TalkNText — can send twit via .

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    MOBILE# +639192616111—SMS MOBILE ALERT

  2. kiks

    hi, how do i change the registered mobile number in i changed my mobile number kasi. thanks!

  3. owrange

    If you’re having problems with, you can try @tweetitow for the mean time. this is our creation out of fun.

    you can always contact me or drop me comments if you’re having problems with @tweetitow.

    happy tweeting.

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