Mobile Tweeting in Philippines

Being the text capital of world, Philippines definitely has a very good telecommunications infrastructure to support web-dependent applications in mobile. I’m a new owner of the cheapest celphone which is wifi-capable and 3G, Nokia E63, so I have done some testing regarding its wifi and 3G capabilities. We might be 3rd world, but we’re almost blanketed with 3G reception. And, if 3G fails me, there’s always the GPRS for back back-up. We can actually be connected any time, any where as long as there is reception from your telco provider. And, which part of the Philippines you think has no cellsite?

How good is the 3G or GPRS quality here in Cebu, Philippines? For a 3rd world, I can say it’s very good. Though, there are times that it can be slow but most of the time, speed is good enough to let me send pictures, email, browse websites, etc right from my mobile phone. As such, the possibility of mobile tweeting is not a big question.

Depending on your celphone/mobile features, you can mobile tweet via:

1. 3G/GPRS/WAP — If you have one or these 3 features, you can tweet via your celphone’s web-browser by going to, or any 3rd-party websites offering twitter application — in my case I prefer using if twitting via web browser than the mobile twitter website.

You can also install twitter applications into your mobile phones — I guess this depends on your mobile capability. iPhone has a lot of twitter application options — I like the simplicity of twitterfon application which I’m using in my iPod touch). With my nokia E63, I love the Gravity. Hands down to this mobile twitter application. The best mobile twitter application for me. I had tried twim and twibble — I can say, they still have a long way to go to match Gravity’s.

Gravity Twitter Application I Use

Gravity Twitter Application I Use

So how to use 3G/GPRS/WAP in the mobile phone? I am a Globe user so I can only give you a first-point of view about Globe only. Globe gives you options on how you will be charged for your your mobile internet use.

  • Time Browsing Rate — they charge P5/15 minutes. So it’s P20/1 hour, which I could say is really cheap. I think Smart rate is also more or less the same. This is good when you will be doing some uploading/sending and retrieving/downloading files: like sending emails, viewing youtube, etc. To use this method, you need to text TIME to 1111.
  • KB Browsing Rate — this was the 1st plan they offer. You are charged per kilobyte with this — P0.15/kb. If all you are going to do is browse and surf, then you might save more if you use this. To use KB rate, you need to text KB to 1111.

You can find more information about Globe’s mobile internet service here.

I’m a time browsing rate user, in times when I’m waiting to be picked up, while commuting, or when strolling around alone — I love taking pictures that fancy me then send/twit it right away.

2. Wifi — you do not need to depend on your mobile telco provider for this. But you can only use this if you’re celphone is wifi-enabled. If you have wifi at home, you can twit or surf or hog the internet in  any part of your house that is still covered by your wifi reception. Think — tweeting while doing #2. As a mother, wifi-enabled mobile devices come handy to me. I can send quick posts/pictures/tweet while babysitting, when I was still breastfeeding my youngest, or putting my kids to sleep. Yes, I have this fondness of any thing small and wifi-enabled — I have an iPod touch and my Nokia E63.

When you are out and need some quick internet time and you do not want to spend on 3G/GPRS, you can simply find an open wifi system or free wifi hotspot, and you’re connected to the world wide web.

3. TEXT/SMS — if your mobile phone does not have the 3G/GPRS or wifi-enabled features, then you always have the ever reliable SMS.

UPDATE: You can use the @tweetitow for texting your tweet.
Simply register by texting/sending from your celphone: ‘REG username password’ to 09273389183 (Please note this is a Globe number.)

example: REG tweetitow secret

Smart number 0928-102-0579

Sun Number 0923-986-0673

For more details about @tweetitow, you can find related story here.

  • Globe users — you can use their UPD8 for twitter service. If you want to try this service, you need to register first by sending TWITREG <USERNAME> <PASSWORD> to 2370 which will cost you P2.50. To send your tweets, text TWIT <MESSAGE> to 2370. It’s still P2.50/twit. You can see more details here.

I tried this but it did not work on me.

  • Sun users — you can use their Sun Alertz service. Following is the instruction from their website:

Set up your Twitter account
Text LOGIN <username> <password> to 2555, e.g. LOGIN myuser mypass

Update only your Twitter status
Send TW <your status message> to 2555, e.g. TW is testing Sun Alertz or TW I think Sun Alertz is cool! (P1/text, or go unlimited!)

For more details, please click here to redirect you to Sun Alertz help site.

  • Smart users — To get started, you need to text the following to 2330:


After sending TWIT YOUR_UPDATE to 2330, you will then receive instructions on how to proceed from Smart. I cannot find an official instruction regarding this from Smart website. But I got this information from this blog.

  • 3rd Party Web-based Gateway Applications — These lets you update your twitter via text. They are not connected with any telco companies; they develop their application independently. But before you can update your twitter, you first need to register your twitter account to their gateway just like described above.

Following are some twitter-update service providers I found here in the Philippines:

* — I have made a post about them already. You can check here and here on how to use their service.

* — Following is their instruction they provided in their website on how to use their service:

To register, send:

REG [username] [password]

To update your timeline, send

TWIT [your update]

To send a direct message, text

TWITD [username] [your message]

The gateway numbers to send to:

GLOBE – +63-916-4967171

SMART – +63-929-3632359

*Update from their twit: SERVICE UPDATE: To all Sun subscribers, the sun gateway has a new number: +63-923-8852052

You can follow their twits here

* — it looks like it has the same developer with This is mainly for the plurk users. But if your plurk              account is integrated with your twitter account, then your updates to plurk will automatically show up in your twitter account too. Following are the instruction on their help page:

To register, send: PREG [username] [password]

To update your timeline, send either:  PLURK [your update] or PLURK [qualifier] [your update]

Valid qualifiers: loves,likes,shares,gives,hates,wants,wishes,has,will,asks,was,feels,thinks,says,is                      mahal,ipinamamahagi,nagbibigay,kinasusuklam,gusto,naghahangad,nagtatanong,nararamdaman,iniisip,sinasabi,ay

The gateway numbers to send to: GLOBE – +63-916-4967171; SMART – +63-929-3632359


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  2. jahqagoi

    is there a gateway for SUN??

  3. jahqagoi

    is there a number for Sun?

    • mameng

      i find that sun alertz is a better alternative. :D

      • Rose Buenconsejo

        yes. it is. i believe sun provides the best twitter service from all 3 telcos. but u can also try @tweetitow =)

  4. will tweet this :)

  5. hello! thanks for including a link from my post. more power!

  6. asdf

    the gateway numbers didnt work for me. when i logged in to twitter. my account was locked out! but i was able to change my password after i dint receive any repy from that smart gateway number. fuck you!

    • owrange

      hi,asdf. sorry for that problem u encounter. smart philippines can better help u with that. anyways, i’ll see if i can find a way to get in touch with some smart people regarding this.
      chill. =)

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