Send/Text Tweets Using Celphone in Philippines

You can read my previous post, Mobile Tweeting in Philippines, to get information on different ways you can send tweet updates via text or sms using your celphone/mobile phone. From my own experience, the most reliable way to send tweets via text, right now, is which you can find here and here for instructions on how to use it.  Sun Aletz is also quite reliable coming from a friend.

As a twitter fanatic, I kind of think why not create a 3rd party application which can be used to update tweets via, the most reliable, text or sms from celphone. Of course, we already have 3G (Globe Telecommunications and Smart Philippines have quite good 3G reception) and wifi hotspots but we cannot deny that SMS or text is still the most stable system anywhere in the Philippines.

So straight from the ‘garage,’ @tweetitow is born. To use @tweetitow, following is the instruction:

1. You need to have an existing twitter account. If you do not have one yet, go and create one from the twitter website.

2. Then, register, by texting/sending from your celphone: ‘REG username password’ to 09273389183 (Please note this is a Globe number.)

example: REG tweetitow secret

Update: For Smart users, you can register to this number 0918-419-4904. After you register, you can then send your tweets to the smart number provided.

UPDATE: For Sun users, you can register to this Sun Number 0923-986-0673

3. A message/mention of verification from @tweetitow will be sent out in twitter. For now, we cannot send out verification into your celphone. (Because it needs a little finances from our part, which we cannot afford ‘yet.’)

To give you an idea how mobile or sms tweeting in Philippines made possible, below is the picture of the celphone that receives the tweet updates from your celphone. That Sony Ericsson celphone is connected to the computer, and the rest is history (Actually, I no longer know how to explain the technical part. I’m a tech dodo). =)

This is how your tweets from your celphone will be connected to the twitter system.

This is how your tweets from your celphone will be connected to the twitter system.

You might want to know if we have Sun, Smart, TalknText, TouchMobile numbers where you can send your tweets. We do not have right now. We understand the free text system when texting to the same telco provider is free. So we are aiming, in baby steps, to be able to give you more option to where you can send your tweets. Hopefully, if we can save some or have some extra money, we can buy additional celphone units and sim for those other telco users.

If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve this, feel free to send them as comments or email me at I’d greatly appreciate it. It’s great for you to join us in making this application a ‘bling-bling’. =)

Happy tweeting with @tweetitow!


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75 responses to “Send/Text Tweets Using Celphone in Philippines

  1. Anonymous

    May bayad ba ang tweetitow sa tm sim cards?

  2. Anonymous

    May bayad ba ang tweetitow sa tm simcardds?

  3. Alexandra Casis

    Hi. I would like to ask, pano ko malalaman kung nareceive na ng Twitter ko ang Tweet ko? Please reply ASAP!

  4. Twitterloverrrrr

    ba’t po hindi gumagana tweetitow skn? nagregister po ako last october 2011 :( Gumagana po. Pero nung mga March na, di na gumagana skn. Hanggang ngayong May po. nagtetext ako nang tweet pero di lumalabas sa timeline ko. ano po problem nun?

  5. Anonymous

    Ok, so like I just signed up a while ago, I thought you can send as many tweets as you can if you’re like registered into unli text? But why does the new gateway number require extra loads or credits rather? Plus I don’t receive my dm’s & mentions. Seriously can someone just explain to me what kind of somethingy-majigy is going on and why won’t it work.

  6. Anonymous

    Spammer kasi yan.

  7. dav

    You guys did the programming for this right? It’s actually pretty awesome. And what do you call that thing that connects the phone to the computer?

    • twitteraddict

      ginagamit ko ung – Gladlycast – (details on the blog: ) for months na. the best sya so far. nagagamit ko ang freetext ko sa pagttweet! hahaha! ;)

      • dav

        GladlyCast stopped working earlier. It’s probably because of Smart’s new limit to their unlitext service. Kind of a bugger really, you got an unli service but you have a limit of probably over a thousand SMS per day.

        • twitteraddict

          hallo dav, mine kept working.. maybe it’s smart unli that went down earlier? coz i use Sun 500text to other networks so i use gladlycast with Sun even if it uses Smart as their gateway for the Philippines .. ;)

  8. zeroinvisibility

    check this out – – this works. i use it often. it even works perfectly for smart users or those who use other providers but have to much extra load every month! ;)

  9. wis

    hi, is there a charge on regular load for every tweet on globe users? what if you have an unlimited text subscription for the day?

  10. zel

    i cant receive mentions and DMs via sms :( i registered a number of times still no reply..HELP

  11. itsaguasandre

    how i cant do it

  12. I just registered like 2 hrs. ago I think. And I haven’t received any message in Twitter. :/ Why is that?

  13. Clarence Erika Masesar

    I can’t receive @mentions and DMs thur SMS. :(

  14. Chrisstina

    Paano po kapag, nagpalit na ng number and I`m trying to register again my new number to my twitter.. And it my tweets aren`t appearing. Could you help me with this?

  15. micah

    i already register but still i didnt receive any messages on my twitter..



    i know you said you cant remember how to set it up. i am a tech hack myself and most of the time i dont remember how something worked.but could you possibly remember how you set up the system?

    i have a website that id like users to be able to sent a code to their cellphone so they wont have to copy it manually and i’m thinking i can use this same system to do that.

    i asked at tweetitow a year ago and did not remember to follow it up.


  17. summer

    MY MOBILE# 00639192616111—-SMS ONLY

  18. shiela17angeles

    hi, i used tweetitow for 2 days and it was okay. but today, all my tweets using my fone didn’t appear on my twitter profile. why is that?

    • shiela17angeles

      i am using the globe gateway. lahat ng tweets ko today hindi lumalabas. help.:)

    • Via

      I think we’re having the same problem! Maybe something’s down or it’s stopped working anymore…? :/ Mine is still not working until now.

  19. re

    i’ve already registered.. but still i have not yet recieve any verification on twitter…

  20. shiela17angeles

    how can i twit? is there any command? or just simply send an sms at the globe line?

  21. nikki

    what is the credits for??

  22. cutie18cbu

    can i register here? here is my cellphone number: 09056255614

  23. yara

    my sun worked. my globe didn’t. received confirmation from ‘d web for sun. received thru text for globe…what’s wrong??

  24. ryetherabbi

    my tweets stopped posting so i reregistered. lol

  25. Al

    Hi, I’ve been using this for about a month now and then just recently, I noticed that it just stopped working. My friends are experiencing the same, they can’t post tweets through this anymore. What happened?

  26. can we also post photos using this?

  27. rahvie

    ano bah to?walang klaro

  28. j.p

    i already reg here
    so what now?

  29. manch

    hi. why is that the tweets i’m receiving and sending are delayed? and sometimes, my tweets are not posted.

  30. sam

    nahahack ba account jan?? kasi ung akin nahack eh. binubura ung DMs ko.

  31. bakit ganun? di lumalabas ung mga tweet ko pero nag send naman po. di rin naman ako nag /off. nung nag try ako mag /on wala namang nag reply sakin. nung nag try din ako mag /off, wala ring nag reply sakin. anu po ang kelangan kong gawin? please .. need you help , ASAP. :)

  32. marj

    panu mag-sign in sa mobile ko?
    N1680 panu ako makakapag twit? na try ko ung Reg username password then sinend ko here sa # na ito 0918-419-4904.. wla parin panu ba magtwit dito sa @tweetitow? please.. turo nmn oh, kc ilang araw ko na sine-search wla parin lumalabas.. di ko parin alam kung panu,.


  33. dana

    sis cant register sa globe huhu no response

  34. dang

    i changed my username and now tried to register again but i am not getting any tweets or even notifications from you that i am now registered under my new username :(

    • owrange

      only globe subscribers now can receive confirmation via text. sun/smart are posted on ur twitter timeline only. anyhoo, msg me ur username so i can check. u can tweet me at @owrange. thanks

  35. jamoran

    Is there a way to update facebook too through SMS all in one step?

  36. ploinktoink

    I have already registered to Tweetitow and have used it for almost a month. Since last night, I couldn’t post tweets via tweetitow. Tried verifying my name by texting /whoami and they still gave me the right username. What’s wrong?

  37. someone has to ask this for your consumers..

    1.) how can you assure them that you wont
    1.a) Snoop into their private life by using their accounts
    1.b) disclose their account information

    2.) how can you be sure that your system, keeping all of the accounts of your users wont be hacked?

    3.) given what has happened during the ondoy typhoon where twitter and facebook has been an integral part of rescuing and saving lives.. how can you guarantee your users that their posts reach the internet (if incase power failures and network disconnections happen) ?

    Just my 2 cents.

  38. vc leyson

    hi, if the 30 tweets i got will all be used up, how can i get back to tweeting via my phone again? do i like reload or something?

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  40. manuel parado

    hey, can you please teach me how to set-up my cellphone to the computer so i can also do my tweets like you.?

  41. mabeee

    can i register two numbers under one twitter account? thanks!

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  43. sam

    Hi, i just want to ask if i tweetitow cld. also let me see updates from the people i’m following on twitter? thanks

    • owrange

      as of now @tweetitow does not have the feature – receing updates frm ur phone. But we’re working on that.hopefully it will work d soonest.we’ll keep u posted. Tenchu =)

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  46. twitpic_question

    hi there. is there a way to send twitpics via mobile phone? thanks so much

    • owrange

      If u’r phone has 3g/GPRS/wifi cpapable, u can turn it on then email d pictures to ur twitpic.simply go To the setting of ur twitpic account,& u’l find their the email add to where u can snd ur pics.this is what I do.

      But f u’re asking abt snding pics via mms, I havnt found a service for it yet.I’ll try to check, & we’ll post it on my blog if ever I found one.

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