Twitter DOS Attack (Twitterers Sad-Company Management Happy)

If there are people who benefitted from the Twitter outage, it must be the company managements who are blaming twitter for the decrease in productivity rate of their employees. I should know because my boss once commented that Twitter is such a waste of time. =)

Anyway, I noticed that twitter was down when I was in SM City Cebu yesterday looking for some stuffs for my son’s birthday this Monday. I was also checking their free wifi — yes, they blanket their whole mall with wifi. So I was tweeting while roaming around the mall to check how good the mall’s wifi reception is when I noticed nothing of my tweets were updated everytime I refreshed Gravity. So I thought it was Gravity who was having problems — then I checked Twitterfon, Twitterific, and Twinkle — all of them are not updating. That’s when I thought that probably there is problem between twitter system and twitter applications.

So according to Twitter blog, they were/are under DOS (Denial of Service) attack. In layman’s term, someone or a group of people/hackers maxxed out twitter’s capacity to handle loads that it broke down.

This made me think how it would affect those people building business around twitter — the social media specialist, the third party twitter application developers. Could this be also a ploy by twitter so they have reason to demand payments from the users or developers who build application around twitter? Which I think is just fair also. =)

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