Help with – text service for twitter.

I’ve been receiving traffics/inquiries from people searching for help with or asking if is working. I am sorry but I have not much idea since I no longer use I’ve been using our ‘mugna’ @tweetitow, which you might want to use as of the moment while you are still having problems with

To use @tweetitow, please see steps below:

1. You need to have an existing twitter account. If you do not have one yet, go and create one from the twitter website.

2. Then, register, by texting/sending from your celphone: ‘REG username password’ to 09273389183 (Please note this is a Globe number.)

example: REG tweetitow secret


Additional access numbers:

Smart number 0928-102-0579

Sun Number 0923-986-0673

3. A message/mention of verification from @tweetitow will be sent out in twitter. For now, we cannot send out verification into your celphone. (Because it needs a little finances from our part, which we cannot afford ‘yet.’)

To read more about @tweetitow, see my previous post here.

I already contacted someone of to get some explanation but I’m still waiting for his feedback. But following are my own ‘theories’ why you might have problems with

1. You might have registered wrong twitter log-in IDS.

2. The twitter might have problems thus the 3rd party applications, like and @tweetitow, cannot connect your tweets into the twitter system.

3. It can be because of our recent internet connection problems so due the slow unstable internet connection, or any 3rd-party applications will lose your tweets along the way.The internet connection problem right now in Philippines is an international problem. You can read the story here. I hope you have good enough connection to get thru that website. =)

4. You might have not follow the’s correct format of sending tweets from your text which is to start your message with letter ‘S.’

So for now, you might want to try @tweetitow. =) If you have problems, you can always give me a buzz here, or mention for help for  me at twitter, my ID is @owrange. You can also twit @markjeee — the only main tech guy — for help.

Chill. =)

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