How to Update Facebook Status via @tweetitow (or via text/sms from Celphone Philippines)?

For the Facebook users in the Philippines, each telco providers — Globe, Smart/TalkNText, Sun — has its own application which you can add to your facebook account so you can update your status by sending text/sms (and mms in canse of Smart) from celphone/mobile phone.

For Globe and  TM users, they have UPD8 facebook application. You need to add UPD8 to your account before you can start updating your facebook status and also receive updates from your phone. Please see here for details. Cost of updating using UPD8 is not stated on their facebook page, but I think it’s P2.50 (correct me if I’m wrong).

For Smart and TalkNText users in Philippines, they have PixME application. The nice thing about Pix Me is you can both send SMS/MMS. Please see here for instructions on how to get started with it. Updates will cost you P1.00.

For the Sun users, they have Sun Alertz. Once you activated this application into your facebook account, you can then update your status and receive updates from your celphone. I think Sun charges P1.00, or you can go for unlimited updates which, if I’m right, they charge for P15 for 1 day unlimited.

For @tweetitow users, you can also update your facebook status via text/sms. But before you can do that, you need to activate or add a ‘twitter’ application first into your facebook account. The twitter application will cross post the updates from your twitter to your facebook account. There are lots and lots of twitter applications listed in facebook’s application directory. But I’ll just recommend 2.

1. Twitter application — this is developed by the same group who make Simply go to this page on how to go about it.

2. Selective Twitter Status — this I highly recommend twitter application for facebook. The nice thing about this is you can screen or select what tweets or updates you just want to show up in your facebook account. Following is the instructions pasted on their facebook page,

Update your Facebook Status from Twitter


Only for the tweets you choose.

End a tweet with #fb when you want it to update your Facebook status – simple.

– Avoid confusing your Facebook friends
– Don’t swamp your profile with too many updates
– Leave certain updates on Facebook for longer

NEW: Now also works with Fan Pages – not just personal profiles!

Note: It doesn’t work if your updates are PROTECTED
There’s usually a minute or two delay (no more) – be patient when you first try it ;)

So for tweets I want to be updated to my facebook status, I only need to put #fb at the end of the tweet. And, viola my facebook status gets updated. =)

Once you have activated Selective Twitter Status application in your facebook account, you can then update your facebook status via @tweetitow. When you send text/sms or tweet to @tweetitow, simply end your text with #fb so that you facebook status also gets updated. For example,

I love @tweetitow! #fb

You can find here ( steps on how to text your tweets to update your facebook status via @tweetitow.

As simple as that. =) This is like hitting 2 birds with 1 text! =)


You can find all the application I mentioned above in the Facebook Applications Directory, please click here to be redirected to it. Once you are in that page, use their search field to easily find the applications you want.

For those who wants to know how to use @tweetitow, please see here on how to get started. =)


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    Why is it everytime I tweet from my mobile using @twititow, yes my facebook status gets updated but its only visible to me. while if I use my twitter from my laptop my facebook status also gets updated and its visible to my friends. Hepl :)

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