How to Post Pictures to Twitter From Celphone via MMS

I love posting pictures to my multiply account, wordpress blog, facebook, and twitter. Most of them are ‘nonsense’ pictures but who cares. It’s just for the thrill of it. All social networking sites support posting pictures from the mobile phone. You  can usually go to the settings page of your social networking or blog site, then they would give you a unique email address to where you can send your pictures from your mobile phone.

With my Nokia E63 (cheapest wifi/3g enabled phone), I usually ‘twitpic’ when I am in a wifi area or I’d turn on my 3G or GPRS, whichever is available in my location. What I usually do is email the pictures from my celphone to my designated twitpic email address.  Or, I use the ‘Gravity’ twitter application installed on my mobile phone (But this is totally a different story). Then, viola it is on my twitter account. If you want to view my twitpics, you can find them in here.

But first things first, how about sending pictures as MMS. Following are steps on how you can ‘twitpic’ or send MMS to your twitter account from your mobile phone.

1. You need to use a 3rd-party twitter application that will host your pictures. The pictures you post or send to the 3rd-party web applications will automatically be updated to your main twitter account. In my case, I use twitpic. Log in to your twitpic account using your twitter log in IDS (no need to sign up or create an account with them). There are lots of 3rd-part twitter applications who host pictures but these are some I know which are quite popular: mobypicture, twitgoo, yfrog,

2. Once you are in your twitpic account, go to ‘Upload Photo’ section. Here you will find how to upload and post pictures. If you notice on the lower part of the page, there’s a question ‘Did you know that you can post photos from your phone?’ Here you will find the email address where you can send your picture or MMS from your mobile phone.

Upload Photo in Twitpic

Upload Photo in Twitpic

3. You can save the email address to your mobile phone for quick access.

You can then easily send your MMS to your twitpic email address right from your phone. (For tech dodo people like me, you might ask why send my MMS to email address and not some celphone number. It is because MMS are actually emails with your picture as attachment. That’s why it cost P5/MMS because GPRS/WAP is a must to send MMS. You will actually notice that when you send MMS, the GPRS or 3G icon in your mobile phone is activated.)

Now, if it does not work on your end, then you are not alone. When I tried it on Sony Ericsson K5301 (it’s a basic mobile phone with 3G/GPRS/WAP capability), the first MMS’s I sent did not work. It took me like hours to figure it out. But of course I am a big tech dodo. Until I found Pixlink service of Globe. From their help page, I learned there are some tweaking in settings that I need to do. (But I believe with Globe’s new sims, the GPRS settings are already defined so you might no longer need to do this ‘tweaking.’)

Following are the instructions I got from their help site. I am trying to make this as simple as possible so as not to lost you, tech dodos like me.

1. To get the correct GPRS settings on your celphone, text GO celphone brand model to 2951. For example, text:

Go Sony Ericsson K5301

2. You will receive 4 text message from Globe. The 1st text is the instructions.

Globe 2951 Text Advisory

Globe 2951 Text Advisory

The next text is a message telling you to ‘Save next settings into the phone.’ You would receive the following settings:

  • myGlobe CONNECT
  • myGlobe MMS
  • myGlobe Internet (for Postpaid)
  • myGlobe INET (for Prepaid)

Asking you to Install Settings

Asking you to Install Settings

Please save or choose YES on all settings you received.

Once you’re done saving the settings, you are now ready to send MMS from your phone to your twitpic account using the email address it provides you. You might want to resize your picture before sending so it will be easily sent. Please note to send it as ‘MMS’ or picture message (not as email) from your celphone.

In case, you are still having problems, you might need go to your phone’s Settings > Connectivity then define you access point to myGlobe Connect (their advised) or myGlobe INET (if you are Globe prepaid). If still it’s not working, please go to Pixlink’s help site for more help.

For Sun users, you can go to this link,, on how to configure your GPRS and MMS settings in your phone.

For Smart users, you can find sources here in this link.

Happy Twitpic-ing! =)


Edit to add: I tried setting up the MMS settings of my mother’s nokia 1680 phone. It did not work on her phone. I’m guessing, Globe GPRS/MMS sttings is not available to all celphone models. Or it can be because my mother’s phone looks like set-up for UAE market.

Also you can define the GPRS/MMS settings from your phone, simply go to the Globe Prepaid menu > Prepaid Svcs > GRPS Settings. It will ask for your celphone model. And, the process is basically similar as described above. =)


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    How much is the charge for Globe postpaid?

  5. Tine

    How much is the charge for postpaid?

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  7. You got a really helpful blog. I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an encouragement for me.

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