How to Update Twitter via SMS/Text Philippines (@tweetitow’s Smart & Globe & Sun Numbers)


The way of registration below is phased out.

@tweetitow’s official website,, is now up. You can get more updated information from

@tweetitow is 3rd-party twitter application which lets you send and receive twitter updates via SMS or text here in Philippines. To get started, simply register your twitter username and password to any of the following numbers.

Smart number 0918-419-4904

Globe number 0927-338-9183

Sun Number 0923-986-0673

Format for registering: REG username password

Example: REG junpyoo flowers

Now to receive your mentions and direct messages or other users’ twitter updates, you need to go online after you register to @tweetitow. To start receiving updates, following are steps:

1. Send /on to any gateway numbers to go online. Once you are online, you can then receive your DMs and mentions.

2. To receive other users updates, send the command key in this format: /follow @user1 @user2 @user3

You can follow up to 8 users. To stop following a user, send: /leave @user

3. To go offline, send: /off

Please note that once you go online again, you need to follow again the users. If you want to maintain the people you follow but you want to stop receiving updates for the meantime, then use send: /hold

Following are complete list of command keys you can use regarding receiving updates:
/on -> To go online and start receiving updates — mentions and DMs.
-> To go offline. This means you will stop receiving updates.
/credits -> To check how many credits you still have.
/follow @user1 @user2 @user3 up to 8 users -> To start receiving updates from the user you follow. At the start, you will only receive mentions and DMs updates. If you want to receive tweet updates from a particular twitter user, you need to activate receiving updates from them. Example format, /follow @tweetitow.
/leave @user -> To stop receiving updates from a particular activated user.
/followstats -> To get a list of the twitter users you activated to receive updates from your phone.
/hold -> Hold sms updates. Similar to the command /off except that the settings and user you activate to receive updates from the last session are keep.
/resume -> To resume your session, and receive updates again from your phone.
-> To verify what twitter account you registered to T2.
/give @user -> To give another @tweetitow registered user some of your credits. Giving is sharing is loving.
/whatsnew -> To retrieve the 5 recent updates (from the last 24 hours) from any of the people you follow (including those you did not turn on to receive updates from your phone). To receive another 5 recent updates, simply send /whatsnew again — the 5 older tweet updates will be sent to your phone.
/whatsnew @user -> To retrieve the 5 recent updates of a user from the last 24 hours.

Send the command key to any of the gateway numbers for execution.

For a more detailed steps and information, please check the help page of If you need more help, please message @owrange or @tweetitow.

Happy tweeting with @tweetitow!

Please click here to go to the next page for more details. For information on how to receive twitter updates from your phone, please click here.


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  1. Ana Fakahafua

    Please its my very first time really want so bad to do the coupons to help my family needs for every day at home.Please help me how can l get any coupons please.

  2. A google user

    Nobody will give their passwords for this shit..

  3. Ogie

    Scam or Not: Rule number one in the net world, never give your password

  4. Hey would you mind letting me know which webhost you’re using? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different browsers and I must say this blog loads
    a lot faster then most. Can you suggest a good internet hosting provider at a
    honest price? Many thanks, I appreciate it!

  5. justsaying

    Something is wrong, why do we have to send our usernames and passwords? You can access our accounts with that. :)

  6. Anonymous

    heyyyyyy..scammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 dont use it

  7. Anonymous

    would somebody know if you followed them through this app?

  8. jeff

    How can i stop the service?

  9. juan pinoy

    pinoys may check this out – – this works. i use it often. it even works perfectly for smart users or those who use other providers but have to much extra load every month! ;)

  10. Peanut

    scary. bka ma-hack un account ko @_@

  11. Anonymous

    how could i twit?

  12. Anonymous

    wla nman akong n’recieve.. is this a joke?. bka hnd ko na m’open profile ko..

  13. Anonymous

    How much yung cost pag nagupdate kang tweet?

  14. Why did it say so “YOU CAN’T DO THAT RIGHT NOW”… Now, i feel so ANGRYYY with this site!!!!!

  15. Well it responses me last hour YOU CAN’T DO THAT RIGHT NOW? … i feel so disapp… :-(

  16. Bea

    Hm, how can i receive updates? :/

  17. Anonymous

    wow.. its working..
    tnx s gumawa n2.. supeerrr..

  18. Hi, I already registered using the ouath reg but I still havent received a text confirmation. Should I register again? Thanks .Asap reply

  19. Hindi ko namn po nariricieve ung mga tweets or mentions sakin ehh ? Pano po un ??? bakit po ganun ?? please . reply . thanks :)

  20. Anonymous

    ahm how can i stop following anne curtis cause every updates that has been send to my cellphone charges me 1peso load im a smart provider user, help me please what to type or procedure and where to send it please please help me??

  21. Nicole

    inde qh naman mareceive mga mentions and tweets skin. ayt! >:(

  22. Yen

    Is this still working? I mean the notifications, replies, mentions, RT’s and Direct messages??

  23. Smooky02

    This work perfectly i can see my tweets. But i don’t know how to receive notification via SMS if your using Smart sim,

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  25. Kaye

    excuse me… Does this still work?? :/

  26. Andraine

    i can’t see my tweeted tweet using twittitow in twitter

  27. Kysle

    Is the function for receiving updates from other users still working? Thanks!

  28. yen

    kakaregister ko lang.. ilang tweets lang yung nagpost tapos ngayon ayaw na umappear yung posts ko sa twitter ko. y is that?

  29. Cay

    hi, tweetitow is super cool! but im thinking of changing my password. if i do register my phone again, what if hindi gumana? gusto ko sana malaman gagawin bago ako magpalit ng password :) thanks! :)

  30. camille

    hello! my tweetitow account is working perfectly until I changed my twitter password. Now, it won’t receive updates from my mobile phone anymore. Please help me on this. Thanks.

  31. Why is it that I don`t receive any mentions, DM`s, updates, etc? HELP OUT PUHLEAAASE.

  32. I never trust apps like these unless it’s really “affiliated” with Twitter.

    I can see that some people can’t receive their confirmation messages.

    I will only trust this app if I can see A LOT of positive comments.

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      hi. i hope u can try @tweetitow. all 3rd party twitter apps now are required by twitter to use OAuth for registration so you can be assured that there’s no monkey business behind it. please note that ‘confirmation messages’ are sent via mentions on twitter, not thru text.

  33. Anonymous

    i havent reciv any confirmation yet though im done registered

  34. can you tweet even if you’re unli?

  35. inodimayuga

    i followed the instruction on the tweetitow site and sent the registration textmessage but it’s not replying with a confirmation message i mean am i suppose to get a reply?

  36. inodimayuga

    uhm i’ve texted for the registration part but it’s not replying to me

  37. thanks! i love it!

  38. kim

    i already register but i still can’t follow people via sms. :|

  39. Faye

    I’m already done with the registration process. I texted /on to globe gateway# but didn’t receive any reply.

  40. jezca01

    All my tweets yesterday weren’t posted at twitter and facebook…what seems to be the problem? Before, it was properly working though…pls. help

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      sorry. @tweetitow was down yesterday until lunch today. But it’s owkei now.

  41. melissa

    Hi, I already registered using the ouath reg but I still havent received a text confirmation. Should I register again?

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      you will not receive a text confirmation, only a mention in twitter. anyway, u can message me your username so i can double check. msg me @owrange. thanks

  42. cgm

    i already registered twice but still, didn’t work :(

  43. cgm

    i alyready registered twice but still, didn’t work :(

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      can u pls give me ur username so i can double check. u can message me at twitter @owrange. thanks

  44. hannah

    I completed the first step of registration for globe but I didn’t get a reply text.. :/

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      did u register at after oauth reg, u need to register ur mobile by sending the codes provided to u. then after that u’l get a mention in ur twitter timeline from@tweetitow, now a text confirmation.

      after that, simply txt ur tweets to any of the gateway #s. thanks

  45. AHAHA23

    Is this safe? You are actually asking for the username and the password through text.

  46. jec

    I just sent a REG message through sun. I still can’t update my twitter. Please help Thanks

  47. benji

    how much does it cost per update

  48. Maria

    i sent a message “/on” using my globe….it replied “I’m sorry, but you don’t have enough credits to go online. Why not load up some?” what does it mean? and i tried to register again using my Sun phone but i didn’t receive any confirmation. i registered several times but still didn’t receive even a single reply. please helP! :|

  49. Via

    Hi. My SMS don’t really update anything on Twitter and on Facebook. :( Is there something wrong? If I remember it right, I think it’s stopped working (at least for me) about 2 days ago. Help? Thanks.

    PS, I’ve been using this since May and this is the first time I’ve encountered something like this. Thanks!

  50. hey pls help me, now, i cant update my status. i didnt updated just for a day and now it doesnt work! pls help me….

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      hi, @tweetitow was down yesterday due to power interruption. it’s owkei now. thanks

  51. so, is it only for globe subscribers able to responds the updates?!

  52. i just texted ‘/whatsnew’ and ‘/credits’ to sun no. then no responds? im waiting.. bat wala?! i can update my status nmn eh. help!

  53. wow. so far so good ha. but is it possible to add photos to twitpic or any site to the no. getaway?! hope it is. and i wonder if it safe coz we’re able to give our username and pass in just some normal nos. but anyways. great job!! wish it is possible to access on twitpic, tweetphoto or anything. thanks. need some instructions. hope someone replies. thanks!

  54. i can’t receive updates fom @tweetitow’s gateway number even if i send /on . what should i do ? no replies from @ tweetitows gateway ! someone there to help !!!!!!

  55. Robby

    Will it affect if I change my Twitter username?

  56. hello, i was offline on my phone for about 3days, and then when i texted “/on” they send me a confirmation that i am now online, but why is it that i can’t update my status in my phone? and i can’t also receive updates from my friends who tweeted me.

  57. Anonymous

    Is it possible to tweet photos through Twitpic with Tweetitow? Thanks. :)

  58. leirad010

    Hieveryone. Just wanna ask if I (Sun subscriber) can also receive updates and Dm of the one i followed.
    I did all the instructions Correctly
    Ex. /follow @leirad011
    but then, i din’t receive any updates and direct messages from him.. how’s that? please reply..
    Thanks in advance

  59. charlene

    hello. im happy with tweetitow .. pero, anong gagawin para ma update din ang status sa twitter at the same sa facebook??

  60. Ei. Bat ganun. Nakaregister ako ngunit hindi na lumalabas sa twitter ko ang sinesend kong SMS sa gateway number. Anu nangyari?

  61. why can’t i receive updates from the ones i am following? i did the right command /follow @user1

    • owrange

      kindly msg me your username so i can check. @owrange is my twitter username. thanks

  62. is it safe? I mean we re giving passwords here. and security is a must

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  64. i sent a msg to sun number to register but i didn’t get any reply on my twitter account.. :c

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  66. i already sent a the message to register.. but i didnt get a response..

  67. Emman Tan

    it’s working! Better than the two services that I had! Quick, easy and free! Thank you!

  68. Emman Tan

    it’s working! Better than the two services that I had. Quick, easy, and free! Thank you!

  69. Jayjay_0657

    hey. I’m using this application about 2 mos.? uhm. Can I just know if there is now the receiving of updates on Smart? ‘cuz im a Smart subscriber;)

  70. Wow thank you for your awesomeness! Can I register two cellphone numbers (different networks) for a single twitter account?

  71. Mae

    Hey i dont get the 30 credits thingy. What happens after that?

  72. sir salamat ng marami dito, astig!

  73. quick question: when beta testing is over, how much would an update cost me?

    • owrange

      please note *’sending’* updates will always be free on our side. it’s only for ‘receiving updates.’ we’re thinking something like around P10 for 50 updates ‘received.’ but nothing final yet. thanks for asking.


    hey tnx very much! its very useful and reliable. Can i ask a question….what are the credits you are referring to??? is it the cellphone load???

  75. ^_^x

    Yay! it works.. i also tried but it didn’t work.. Thanks a lot..

  76. selena

    Good job!

  77. wow. this one is fast. good job. So far it’s better that however, one question:

    this is free if I’m using unlimited right? (:

    • owrange

      yes. it will come out as free if u’re using those unlimited texting promos. tenchu for the compliment. =)

  78. If I change my Twitter password, will I still be able to send tweets using my number? :-)

  79. CM

    its working! yipee…ive tried and phtwitters but it not working…this works!!! you rock! :D

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