Sun Gateway is UP and ALIVE (@tweetitow mobile tweeting in Philippines)

For the Sun users, @tweetitow Sun’s gateway is fixed (and, we’re crossing our fingers and toes that it’s going to be smooth sailing from now on.). The downtime the other day was caused by the gadget’s not able to maintain a good Sun signal.  So we replaced it today with a new shiny gadget that can catch greater Sun signal. =)

@tweetitow is 3rd-party twitter application which lets you update your twitter via SMS or text here in Philippines. To get started, simply register your twitter username and password to the following numbers.

Sun Number 0923-986-0673

Smart number 0918-419-4904

Globe number 0927-338-9183

Format for registering: REG username password

Example: REG junpyoo flowers

After registration, @tweetitow will send a confirmation message to your twitter account (please note it will only be sent to the web, not to your phone). To start sending your tweets via text or sms, simply send your tweet or message to @tweetitow’s gateway number you registered to. =)

If you have concerns and questions, we can easily be reached at @tweetitow or @owrange! =)

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