How to Receive Twitter Updates from my Mobile Phone?

@tweetitow ver 1 lets you send your twitter updates from your mobile phone as text/sms. To make it more engaging for us, users, @tweetitow ver 2 (T2) is created, and is now on beta testing stage. @tweetitow version 2 enables registered users to retrieve twitter updates from your mobile phone via text/sms (no need to spend on gprs/3G to go online via your mobile phone just to check your twitter updates). So you can now join in twitter conversation even when you are in the loo. Who said doing #2 should be boring? T2 says NO. You can receive in-the-minute updates from your faovrite twitter users. =)

To try the T2 beta, register your twitter account to the gateway number 0905-272-8200. For beta testing, we only have Globe gateway number.

Format: REG username password

Example: REG jonasbro secret

then send/text it to 0905-272-8200

You will receive a confirmation text from T2 on your celphone, and credits. Credits refer to the number of allowed updates you will receive from your phone. Every update you receive is equal to 1 credit less from your total credits.

To get started receiving twitter updates from your phone, following are command keys:

/on        -> To go online and start receiving updates — mentions and DMs.

/off -> To go offline. This means you will stop receiving updates.

/credits  -> To check how many credits you still have.

/follow @user -> To start receiving updates from the user you follow. At the start, you will only receive mentions and DMs updates. If you want to receive tweet updates from a particular twitter user, you need to activate receiving updates from them. Example format, /follow @tweetitow.

/leave @user -> To stop receiving updates from a particular activated user.

/followstats -> To get a list of the twitter users you activated to receive updates from your phone.

/hold -> Hold sms updates. Similar to the command /off except that the settings and user you activate to receive updates from the last session are keep.

/resume -> To resume your session, and receive updates again from your phone.

/whoami -> To verify what twitter account you registered to T2.

/give @user -> To give another T2 registered user some of your credits. Giving is sharing is loving.

/whatsnew -> To retrieve the 5 recent updates (from the last 24 hours) from any of the people you follow (including those you did not turn on to receive updates from your phone). To receive another 5 recent updates, simply send /whatsnew again — the 5 older tweet updates will be sent to your phone.

/whatsnew @user -> To retrieve the 5 recent updates of a user from the last 24 hours.

Simply send the command keys to T2 gateway number 0905-272-8200.

You can go to @Tweetitow ver 2 (T2) page to check FAQ and updates.

Feel free to message us with your concerns/inquiries @owrange, @tweetitow. Or, drop them as comments.

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7 responses to “How to Receive Twitter Updates from my Mobile Phone?

  1. Anonymous a smart subscriber. is this still working.? :) thanks

  2. julie

    i’m a smart subscriber.. but can i still use the globe gateway number?

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      yes. once you’re registered to @tweetitow, you can also send to all gateway #s. you can also register other numbers.

  3. lyka

    ok thank you. so which number do i send for globe? the ones posted here or the one in twitter?

    • owrange

      For now, pls use the # posted here. Once we’re done beta testing, we will add this feature to the old numbers =)

  4. lyka

    hi there. is my password safe?

    • owrange

      it is safe. we’re guarding it with our lives. =) seriously, we are also using it so we have to make it secure. and, we will soon implement the Oauth log-in system so users will feel more comfortable/secure using @tweetitow. =)