Tweets60 — Symbian OS Phone Twitter Application Series

I have done 3 reviews about twitter application for mobile phones with Symbian OS but I have not explained what Symbian OS is. Of course, it will be easy for every tech enthusiast but for a person like me who is trying hard to be ‘tech geek’ to be cool, it can be too much.

So what is Symbian OS? Symbian is an operating system used  by mobile phones. It is like microsoft OS or linux OS for computers or MAC OS for apple. Nokia has the most units that use the Symbian OS.  You might encounter the term S60 which stands for Symbian S60. There are different Symbian varieties before but right now most mobile phones use the S60. To see a list of mobile phones run by Symbian OS, please refer to Appmobilize website. Use their ‘Search’ field to easily check if your mobile phone is run by a S60 and what edition.

So back to Tweets60 — it is a downloadable twitter application for Symbian OS (S60) mobile phones On their website, it mentioned, speciically, that Tweets60 is a free twitter client for Nokia S60 mobile phones. The Nokia 5800 (the nokia expressmusic touchscreen0, E series, N series are examples of S60 mobile phones  So I am not sure if this will work on other mobile brands (Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, etc) even if they run on S60.But you can always try.

With Tweets60, you no longer need to go to twitter website or other 3rd party websites to tweet from your mobile phone. You can open this up to tweet which is much easier to use. Of course, you need an internet connection either via wap/gprs/3g or wifi to make it work.

You can download this from their website, Tweets60 or from the Nokia Ovi Store. (this makes me realize to post about how to download applications from your mobile phone.)

So this is how will Tweets60 looks like in my mobile phone, Nokia E63.

Tweets60 icon (the blue one with a Y something)

Tweets60 icon (the blue one with a Y something)

Honestly, I find the user-interface kind of rough and crude. But of course, it is free. I mean you have no right to demand much. But nevertheless, Tweets60 provides you the basic 3rd-party twitter client features.

This is the Home. Once you set up your account, every time you open Tweets60, you will land to this page. Home is the timeline of your tweets and the people you follow.

Tweets60 Home UI

Tweets60 Home UIn

It has the very basic twitter functions like: New (to create new tweet), Reply, Retweet (RT), Direct Msg (DM), Follow/Remove. Nothing really fancy may I say.

Tweets60 basic twitter features/functions

Tweets60 basic twitter features/functions

In my Nokia E63, I can switch among Home (Timeline), Mentions (@username), Direct Msg, Favorites, Updates (your tweets) by clicking left to right my phone’s scroll bar.

It is Navigating Tweets60 Home/DM/Mentions/Favorite

Navigating Tweets60 Home/DM/Mentions/Favorite

It can also let me open a link/url inserted in a tweet. I would say, opening the url is not badly implemented. It works fine enough.

Tweets60 viewing a tweet to click on a link/url

Tweets60 viewing a tweet to click on a link/url

How a website is opened by Tweets60

How a website is opened by Tweets60

For a free twitter application, I think Tweets60 is good enough. But I wish they can make it more snappy — it’s a bit sluggish switching from one page to another. Refreshing or retrieving updates is slow. Starting it also takes time. Owkei — word of the day is SLOW. And, you can expect it to just crash down on you any time. Another item on my wish list for Tweets60 is to be able to attach picture to my tweets from my phone’s image gallery — I’m a big picture whore. =) I can follow users, but then there’s no way for me to view a user’s twitter profile which I believe is a must have feature.

If they can make it more snappy, then I recommend it for a try. But with its being slow, you can skip it.


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    about tweets60, i can’t tweet without internet/wap/gprs? :) i mean i can’t use the texts to update it? i have to use an internet source or whatsoever? :)