Of the 5 Billion Tweets — 40,000+ came from @tweetitow, Philippines

Twelve hours ago, Twitter reached 5,000,000,000 (5 billion) tweets since it started from August, 2006 (from mashable). Last April, 2009, they served around 1.6 billion tweets. The exciting thing about it is that within 5 months, twitter were able to hoard 3.4 billion tweets compared to the 1.6 billion tweets which takes 2.5 years. (For up-to-date tweet counts, check Gigatweet.)

Where can the 5 billion tweets came from? Sysomos Resource Library’s June, 2009 report, In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World, showed that Philippines ranked number 12 in Top Twitter Countries. Their statistics was based on 11.5 million twitter users. The chart below shows that 0.64% of twitter users are from Philippines, which translates that there were 7,360,000 Filipino users as of June 2009. Please note that Sysomos Resource Library numbers were only of June, 2009.  In my last post, Ondoy — a better twitter endorser than Ashton Kutcher in Philippines, Google Trends for twitter showed that there was a sudden surge of interest from Filipinos on twitter from April, 2009 up to this month.

Does the sudden increase in interest move up the Philippines rank in Top Twitter Countries — assuming that the countries ahead us have not much increase in twitter activities? I could say yes since Filipinos is already known for being ‘social-network’ inclined — look who made Friendster famous.

Now, today, @tweetitow (Philippine SMS-based 3rd party twitter application) posted their twitter statistics. In their 2.5 months of existence, it has processed 40,000 plus tweets with 1,000 users. Let’s assume that each user owns 40 tweets for 2.5 months — so it means 1 @tweetitow user has contributed 0.5 tweet.  If we based the typical average Filipino twitter on an average @tweetitow user, Philippines probably has contributed half billion (552,000,000) tweets in 5 months only (calculated based on Sysomos June 2009 statistics = 7,360,000 users in Philippines). If we compare it to the global tweet count for the last 5 months which is 3.6 billion, Philippines share is around 16%. If we round it off, bloating it up, we contributed 20% of the total tweets! For a small country — compared to the other countries in top 10 US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, South Africa — I can say Filipinos tweet a lot! (Please refer to the correct figures below as provided by the commenter.)

So now what if Filipinos tweet a lot? Note that twitter was mainly created as an SMS-based micro-blogging. Philippines rules in SMS. I guess, it is high time that businesses, politicians or whatever you are into look into Filipino’s twitter activity. Majority of the businesses are too focused on Facebook — let’s not forget Friendster and Multiply where ABS-CBN has shares — and also google.

Do not underestimate the power of 140 characters!


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  1. .64% comes out to .0064, not .64, sorry.
    .0064 * 11.5M = 73,600 Twitter users in the Philippines.