Php 46,979.80 for a ‘Philippines Mobile Market Overview & 2007-2010 Forecast’ pdf

Since I’ve been looking into the Philippine mobile industry lately, I wanted to have an overlook of the industry. A search on google, and I am brought to RESEARCHANDMARKETS website that carries the study, Philippines Mobile Market Overview & 2007-2010 Forecast, which, apparently, is not free. But it’s pretty justifiable because I can understand the hard work, effort, and resources put into this. But it is too much for a person like me who works on odd jobs. But I really wish I could look into it, looking at the table of contents, it looks it has a lot of interesting stuffs.

Philippines Mobile Market Overview & 2007-2010 Forecast

Philippines Mobile Market Overview & 2007-2010 Forecast (Table of Contents)

It is been known that we are the TEXT CAPITAL in the whole world. But I feel it is one of the industries where only the industry players (Globe, Smart, Sun) were able to get the most advantage out of it, they are the only ones who gets the most money out of it. Maybe I’m wrong. But then the few mobile-related industries has not that great service that made a full impact to all demographics level. Probably the only known mobile related service that all Filipinos can relate to is the Value Added Service (VAS) which ranges from annoying text ads to annoying ring tones to not-so-annoying celebrity updates subscription. Fortunately and unfortunately, the VAS was killed by Sen. Enrile when, according to ABS-CBN news, he found that he lost P400 to unwanted messages and 4 ring tones that he did not subscribed to because of those VAS.

The point I am trying to drive is that Philippine mobile industry is something an old ground worth looking into to build new concept of business or create new technology that rides on it — because there are a lot of untapped possibilities. And, SMS, aside from being a powerful reliable tool compared to mobile internet, it has a reach to all types of people, from all demographics, here and abroad.

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