gladlyCast — new SMS-based Twitter/Plurk Update Servicing Philippines

Based on their gladlyCode blog, they open their twitter/plurk update via SMS on October 29, 2009. But before that, they were already servicing Singapore and Malaysia which started around August 4, 2009 (Singapore started) based on their very first tweet. For Malaysia, they started September 2, 2009.  They are based in Singapore based on one of their tweet updates.

gladlyCast Date Started

They have 3 gateway numbers — for Singapore, Malaysya, and Philippines — where you can send your SMS. To use their SMS-based Twitter/Plurk application, simply go to their gladlyCast website. For their Philippine gateway, they have this number +63 929 106 0211, which looks like a Smart number, specifically a Smart Bro number — which is for their prepaid internet.

I cannot help but wonder why they chose Smart number as their gateway number.I am thinking, maybe:

  • because Smart is known to have biggest number of mobile subscribers among the 3 big Telco in Philippines — a no-brainer decision.
  • because Sun Cellular has Sun Alertz and Globe has UPD8 while Smart has almost non-existent SMS-support for twitter.

The nice thing about gladlyCast is that they provide support for Plurk which is also quite popular in Philippines. Philippines, especially Smart users, go try gladlycast. I tried it and it works.

But for homegrown Philippine 2-way SMS twitter update, check @tweetitow.


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