How to use @tweetitow? (2-Way SMS-Based Twitter Update)

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@tweetitow is a 2-way SMS-based twitter application, which is the true essence of Twitter. You can do 2 things with @tweetitow — 1. send twitter upates and 2. receive twitter updates straight from your mobile phone. It has 3 gateway numbers for Globe, Smart, and Sun users.


To get started, following are steps:

1. Create an account in twitter. Remember your correct log-in IDs – username and password.

2. Once you have have a twitter account, you can now register to @tweetitow.  To register, text the following from your mobile phone:

Reg username password


reg maricel diamonstar

Then, send to any of the following numbers:

SMS.Gateway #s

Globe/TM:0915-692-4349 & 0927-404-1751;



3. You can receive confirmation via text and mention in your twitter timeline.

Once you are done with these 3 steps, you can then start texting or sending as SMS your tweets. You can compose your tweet just like how you text your friends.

To mention another twitter user in your tweet, simply insert the username like this: Tomorrow I will marry @britneyspears.

To send a direct message (DM) to another twitter user, simply put a ‘d’ at the start followed by the username you want to send the DM.

You can do it like this: d @username this is a secret message.


Now to receive your mentions and direct messages or other users’ twitter updates, you need to go online after you register to @tweetitow. To start receiving updates, following are steps:

1. Send /on to any gateway numbers to go online. Once you are online, you can then receive your DMs and mentions.

2. To receive other users updates, send the command key in this format: /follow @user1 @user2 @user3

You can follow up to 8 users. To stop following a user, send: /leave @user

3. To go offline, send: /off

Please note that once you go online again, you need to follow again the users. If you want to maintain the people you follow but you want to stop receiving updates for the meantime, then use send: /hold

Following are complete list of command keys you can use regarding receiving updates:
/on -> To go online and start receiving updates — mentions and DMs.
-> To go offline. This means you will stop receiving updates.
/credits -> To check how many credits you still have.
/follow @user1 @user2 @user3 up to 8 users -> To start receiving updates from the user you follow. At the start, you will only receive mentions and DMs updates. If you want to receive tweet updates from a particular twitter user, you need to activate receiving updates from them. Example format, /follow @tweetitow.
/leave @user -> To stop receiving updates from a particular activated user.
/followstats -> To get a list of the twitter users you activated to receive updates from your phone.
/hold -> Hold sms updates. Similar to the command /off except that the settings and user you activate to receive updates from the last session are keep.
/resume -> To resume your session, and receive updates again from your phone.
-> To verify what twitter account you registered to T2.
/give @user -> To give another @tweetitow registered user some of your credits. Giving is sharing is loving.
/whatsnew -> To retrieve the 5 recent updates (from the last 24 hours) from any of the people you follow (including those you did not turn on to receive updates from your phone). To receive another 5 recent updates, simply send /whatsnew again — the 5 older tweet updates will be sent to your phone.
/whatsnew @user -> To retrieve the 5 recent updates of a user from the last 24 hours.

Send the command key to any of the gateway numbers for execution.

For a more detailed steps and information, please check the help page of If you need more help, please message @owrange or @tweetitow.

Happy tweeting with @tweetitow!


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25 responses to “How to use @tweetitow? (2-Way SMS-Based Twitter Update)

  1. Anonymous

    how can i update the gateway number? or how can i know the latest gateway number? please reply thanks

  2. Anonymous

    how can register if im a smart user?

  3. Eyah

    Nag send na po ko ng /on sa gateway numbers but wala pong response na dumadating ? alin sa mga gateway numbers po ba yung gumagana? reply pls.

  4. Anonymous

    i registerd but i don’t recieve any confirmation. why?

  5. Rj

    i registered and texeted for about 3 times now and still, i dont receive any confirmation message

  6. Anonymous

    I haven’t received any confirmation texts. I sent a message since yesterday..

  7. Anonymous

    Bakit ndi ako makarecieve ng confirmation ? Dun ba talaga isesend sa sms gateway #s?

  8. Jin

    Is this updated? :)

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    bkt stop n ung pag re2ceive ng mga updates?
    reply plssssssssssss…. salamat.. :)

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    bkt ayaw mka receive ng mga updates..

  11. Anonymous

    bkt ayaw maka receive ng mga updates?

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    pano gamitin ung tweetitow pag iphone gamit tas magse-send ng PICTURES via tweetitow iphone din gamit

  13. keyt

    Why I can’t receive message that I’m online? I’ve been texting a lot but there’s no confirmation that I’m online.

  14. Pizza

    You guys should update the gateway numbers. I’m sure many first-time users have referred to this blog for info. regarding the service and it would save them the trouble of having to send their tweets via the old numbers only to find out it has been renewed.

  15. dcm396

    i have registered in@tweetitow months ago but recently my status updates via @tweetitow does not appear on twitter… what’s wrong?

  16. Anonymous

    i registerd but i don’t recieve any confirmation. why?

  17. Angel Aquino

    Hey, I registered via OAuth already, but I can’t go online and I can’t receive recent updates, DMs and Mentions. Please help me. Thank you! :)

  18. Anonymous

    I registered 2 days ago and it was working just fine. But starting today my status does not update anymore. Do I have to register again?

  19. abigail garcia

    ohh thank god you guys are really really good! good job Im a fan I tweet a message through SMS a sec. ago and there it goes. tnx a lot

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    how much is @tweetitow? & how can we pay??