psychology technology in the local scene

Changes with my Blogline and Tagline of my tweetmoments blog. Since @tweetitow’s website is up, I will try not talk much about @tweetitow here. Any @tweetitow updates will now be posted in its website. I will convert this to a playground about the local technology which can be more than the mobile tweeting in Philippines.

Why Mobile Tweeting Philippines as the blogline?

The original purpose of this blog is to post about anything twitter related in the local scene. It was change to ‘Tweetitow Moments’ when @tweetitow was born. But now that @tweetitow has its own website, I have to go back its original blogline.

Why psychology technology in the local scene?

After @tweetitow, I realized I want more than the twitter technology. I want to know get into the local technology scene. So I guess being the text capital of the world, I guess it is just apt to keep the ‘mobile’ in the bloglines.

Psychology for the reason that I was a Psychology major back in college at UP Cebu, and it perfectly rhymes with ‘technology.’ And, we all know that technology and anything in this world is all about human and social science.

The main thing I want to achieve in this blog to put out in the open the local start-up tech scene. We have been overexposed to the Western technology scene, it is time we dig deeper into the local scene and see if we have something to show off. =)

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