UNLITXT.ORG — sending FREE text messages to Globe and Smart made possible

SERVICE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. But just try to check because it might be just a temporary downtime. IT IS WORKING AGAIN! (11/23/09)

UNLITXT.ORG is a web-based application that lets you send text messages to Globe and Smart users at no text load cost, for free (excluding the internet you use though to accesst their website). Based on its whois record, this is pretty a new service since its website registration was on October 21, 2009.

To use their service, simply go to their website, UNLITXT.ORG. On the right side of their website, you will find their UNLITXT Messenger where you can send your text messages.

UNLITXT Messenger

UNLITXT Messenger

I tried it, and it works. Below is the test text I sent from their UNLITXT Messenger. The sender number is a regular Globe number, +639279531084. I am assuming they are using the unlimited text loads for this service. One good thing I like about UNLITXT Messenger is that is pretty easy to use, you no longer have to go through the hassle of registration, confirmation and activation of your account like Chikka.

Tip when using this: Put your mobile number in your message so that the recipient would know to whom they will reply.

text from the UNLITXT.org

the test text from the UNLITXT.org

For those who are very ‘tipid’ with their text loads, try the UNLITXT Messenger.


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16 responses to “UNLITXT.ORG — sending FREE text messages to Globe and Smart made possible

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  2. librengteks.com still available :)

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  4. Robe Jan Ivan

    wala smart?

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  7. batangyagit

    san nmn pog nkukuha yang textcretary cards n yan??tbx

  8. raffiski

    eto try nyo Textcretary cards unlitext to all network (smart/tnt, globe/tm and sun). its working and tested. for as low as 30pesos for 5days. contact me 09186801666

  9. Text Adik

    can they fix it. i hope they can! cause many people need this unlimited txting! hayz… (T_T) i hope they fix it fast!

  10. grace

    hi happy new year 2010

  11. Anonymous

    it does not work anymore 12-25-09

  12. owrange

    hi, thanks for informing me. i checked, and it is no longer existing.

  13. It is no longer available.