How to Motivate a Pessimist?

This is more of how to stop myself from returning to my pessimist old self. Since I quit from my last ‘formal corporate’ job to take my chance on freelance writing which I ended up giving up also. Now looking at the last ‘quitting action’ I took, I cannot remember a very solid reason why I did it except that I want to be a ‘Jessica Livingston,’ or even just an inch-close to her. At that time, that goal sounds so very good and not really hard to do. It sounds romantic and dreamy. Since then, I find myself digging into any thing I can put my hands on hoping to get me closer my very long-shot goal of becoming a Jessica Livingston.

But as days passed by, feeling nothing much out of my here-and-there efforts, I felt I am such a big joke. In short, I no longer know if this is still a worthy cause to pursue because it plainly just sounds stupid to me. As if someone took pity on me, I got a morale-boosting advice from Joel Spolsky’s Inc. article, How Hard Could It Be?: Start-up Static, which he also got from Paul Graham who is the Jessica Livingston‘s husband. It looks like it is very for me. Below is quoted from the article:

“The biggest reason founders stop working on their start-ups is that they get demoralized,” he writes. “Some people seem to have unlimited self-generated morale. These almost always succeed. At the other extreme, there are people who seem to have no ability to do this; they need a boss to motivate them. In the middle there is a large band of people who have some, but not unlimited, ability to motivate themselves. These can succeed through careful morale management (and some luck).”

So there, what I need is an unlimited self-generated morale. And, I think this does not apply to start-ups only (though I believe each one of us is a work of start-up itself), but to everybody who is a pessimist. Well, even the optimist can also take this lesson with them.

So to all the pessimist, attach a jumping spring to each of your feet (morale), ala Tigger, so we can easily bounce up when things started to look blurry. Be an unlimited self-generated morale.

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  1. Wow! I really like this post. I’m one of the guilty pessimist..hehe

    I hope you have progressed from here on.
    And, hopefully, me too.

    The Little Sunspot