Indonesia SMS-based Twitter Update as Cheap as Php 27.50/monthly

After a month the SMS-based Twitter update was launched in India, it is now available in Indonesia. It was announced by the twitter blog on Nov. 9, 2009 post. The SMS-based twitter update in Indonesia is made possible by GSM Axis, a local mobile network provider. So SMS-based Twitter update option has moved down to Southeast Asia. I thought it was going up to Japan, as the Indian company that put up the SMS-based twitter in India will be helping out in Japan.

So after Indonesia, this looks like, they would either go farther down to New Zealand/Australia, or go up to Malaysia and other countries in the Southeast Asia. It is an exciting Twitter time here in Asia now!

India-Indonesia-Japan map

The SMS-based twitter update in Indonesia by GSM Axis seemed so very cheap. If you look at the rates below, if you are not subscribed, you are only charged around Php 0.50 for every tweet you receive. For those who will subscribe, you will pay Php 7.50/weekly, or Php 27.40/monthly subscription. Though, I am not sure if this applies to both prepaid and postpaid plan. But really, compared to Sun Alertz P15/day unlimited SMS-based Twitter update here in Philippines, Indonesia’s GSM Axis offering is pretty dirt cheap. Though, we cannot omit the fact that this might be just introductory price — in short, a bait to get Indonesians hooked!

GSM Axis, Indonesia Twitter Banner

I am still wondering why Twitter does not formally tie up with any of the local mobile network providers here in Philippines — to think we are the in Top 12 twitter users. Or, maybe it is done silently. Watch out for Surprises!

For the mean time, enjoy Tweeting via SMS here in Philippines via @tweetitow!

For my Indonesian friends, you can click here on how to subscribe to GSM Axis twitter update service.

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