Listomatic — making Twitter List a Breeze

I always love the feature of Tweetdeck which lets me group the people I follow. With more than 400 people in my follow list, I just cannot digest them all in one time line. Thus the group feature of Tweetdeck comes handy but I am not a fan of desktop applications because I am way too lazy to click and click and wait for the download to finish. So I still end up using the twitter website or Powertwitter.

But I use Tweetdeck on my iPhone-wannabe gadget, iPod touch. In my tweetdeck, I grouped the people I follow into: Real Friends,  Tech, Coach, UI/Designer/Tester, Microfinance/Charitable Orr, Social Media, and Bloggers. This way the tweets I am going to read in a list/column are related to each other. The ‘grouped’ related tweets has a greater rate of penetrating into my long-term memory compared to the ‘halo-halo’ tweets from all the people I follow.

So here comes the new feature of Twitter, which is the List. Twitter List was supposed to be a way to filter out the spammers, and verify a user if it’s a real human behind it, and to make the popular twitter people more popular. But for me, I was too happy to have it so finally I can group the people I follow and their tweets.

The first time the List feature was added, there I was excitedly creating list and grouping the people I follow. But after 2 pages, I got tired — too many clicks to click just to list a person. The List feature was just not that user-friendly. It is tedious and boring.  So I never get to finish grouping the people I follow, unless my life will depend on it.

Twitter List

I already forget about the Twitter List when I stumble on Listomatic, a homegrown twitter client by Syndeolabs headed by Luis Buenaventura. Listomatic makes creating list and grouping the people such a breeze.

You can just click on  user, then drag and drop him to the list you want him to be included.

Listomatic: Drag-and-drop functionality

Or, you can toggle the list name, and double click on the users you want to be included in the list. A message will appear on the upper right side of the page that the user is added. Also, users that were already added to the list appear to be highlighted.

Once you are done with the toggled list, simply click the ‘Default’ button to ‘un-toggle.’

Listomatic: Toggle feature

I love how Listomatic is such a user-friendly and lazy-friendly(this is me) twitter list application. Listomatic now your twitter list.

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