iPhone’s WordPress ver 2 Test Post

I’m checking the iPhone’s WordPress ver 2 on my iPod touch. A big improvement from the last version I downloaded, which was like just an email client. The version 2 has now ‘pages,’ ability to attach pictures, view comments (correct me if this feature is in the old version already).

With the ‘page’ feature, I can now rewrite when I feel like it, like now while lying in bed waiting for sleepiness to take over me.

I love the attach picture feature. It’s always nice to have a picture in your post. But the problem is I only have an iPod touch which has no camera features. But I’ll share a trick (which might not be new to you) about how I transfer pictures ‘wirelessly’ to my iPod touch from my nokia e63. I email the picture from my e63. Retrieve the email
in my iPod, then save it — no need to plug the iPod to the computer to save the pictures.

It also has a preview feature, and more. The feature I really like to have is the ‘blog stat’ (yaa, I’m narcissistic(sp?) like that. I will put up another post with visual aids.

This has not much point. I just wanted really to test how wordpress version 2 performs.

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