@tweetitow & Posterous – Update your Plurk, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Blogging Sites via SMS

Aside from twitter and facebook, you can now update your plurk, jaiku, friendfeed, tumblr, wordpress, livejournal, blogspot and other social networking and blogging platform via SMS/text send to @tweetitow gateway. @tweetitow made this possible by connecting with Posterous. Posterous has this feature called ‘autopost everywhere.’ You can add different social networking and blogging sites to its ‘autopost everywhere’ list.

How Posterous Autopost Works

Following is the complete list of online sites which Posterous can ‘autopost’ to:

* Twitter
* plurk
* facebook
* facebook pages
* jaiku
* friendfeed
* linkedin
* identica
* blogger
* tumblr
* typepad
* wordpress
* movable typepad
* livejournal
* shopify
* xanga
* drupal
* flickr
* picasa
* YouTube
* vimeo
* viddler
* blip.tv
* scribd
* delicious

If you were able to set-up all these sites for ‘autopost’ in your posterous, then you can update them all with just 1 SMS/text to @tweetitow’s gateway.

To be able to do this, you need to be a registered user of @tweetitow. You can check here on how to register to @tweetitow. If you are a @tweetitow registered user already, you can update posterous by prefixing your message with letter ‘p.’

For example:
p I love posterous and @tweetitow.

Or, you can send the following command key to the gateway:

/via posterous

Your account wil be switched to posterous mode. You no longer need to to prefix your message with ‘p.’ All your updates send to @tweetitow will automatically be posted to posterous.

Please check @tweetitow’s ‘All-in-1 @tweetitow’ page for a more detailed instruction.

Aside from the ‘autopost’ feature of Posterous, there are a lot of things you can do with it. But one of the features which I like about posterous is it provides you with a simple built-in ‘Analytics feature. This can provide you with an idea of how many people click the link attached to your post to view your posterous page. You can see how ‘popular’ you are. We all love ‘attention.’ Whoever does not is not human. If you want more detailed high-end analytics, Posterous build their system that it is easy for you to add google analytics to it.

Below is an example of how their built-in Analytics feature work, this tweet gets viewed 50 times. (You can also see the analytics stats in the ‘Manage’ page of your posterous account.) I’m not really sure if it is accurate but then I do not really care. Though, I do not advise you to get hooked with the numbers of hits. Because at the end of the day, they are just figures, what matters most is if you are pleased/satisfied with what you have done.

Posterous Built-in Analytics

For me, using posterous is a chance for us to bring our tweeting hobby/addiction to another level. My point is that not all of us have the ‘like/talent/skill’ to blog or create a post with more than 140 characters. But then tweeting is a start, and with posterous, this is where you can try to experiment to share that is more than 140 characters. Well, it does not necessarily need to be characters though.

How to connect to Posterous via @tweetitow? Please click here.


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4 responses to “@tweetitow & Posterous – Update your Plurk, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Blogging Sites via SMS

  1. Yen

    I LOVE TWEETITOW SO MUCH!! SUPER IT’S WORKIN’ ON POSTEROUS!!!!!!!!!! wOoOoooooohoOoohhh!!! Thank you so muchh!!!!

  2. this is amazing. and i thought tweetitow was already great. i just started using posterous a couple of weeks ago and it is a cool place to post everything. absolutely everything. and with this in place, i can even plurk in. thanks for the info! i’ll be sure to spread the word!

    • Yen

      yea super!!! me too.. :) I just registered two accounts tonight..mine and of my bf!! the best!!!! hope this will last long!! :))

  3. Is this a wordpress plug in?