tweetie 2 buy or not?

I just want to check what’s with it, and to try the feature which can save link to instapaper even offline. I have the first version tweetie which I do not really use. And, I do not really tweet much from ipod – touchscreen makes typing such an effort. Thus, I am having second thoughts of buying it. Though, it is only $2.99 or around 150 pesos, not really that bad.

Point is i am really really itching to know what is inside it. And, i do not see it a valid reason to spend 150 pesoses just to satisfy that itch.

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3 responses to “tweetie 2 buy or not?

  1. So did you finally buy it? I have it and it’s pretty awesome!

    • owrange

      yes. i did buy tweetie 2. what i like most is its very detailed user profile info.

  2. Clara

    I use it! It’s cooler than the first one ;)