from cracked to paid

After knowing someone was able to purchased her Gravity, native S60 twitter application, online. I was encouraged to get a paid version.

Not really ashame to admit it, but I had been using a cracked version of Gravity for some months now. Not because I don’t want to pay for it but at that time, ‘mobileways’: does not accept payments from Philippines. We contacted them for help but not much help came out of it. But since only Gravity proves to be the winner among all S60 twitter application, mark, in desperation, got a cracked version of it, the 1.20 version.

Knowing someone got a paid version, I tried my luck purchasing it again online from my nokia e63.Yes, Gravity is also the first payment transaction I made via my mobile phone. So finally, after months, I have now a legit copy!

The nice thing about having the paid version is that I have access to updates. So now I have the 1.24 version. One advantage S60 application developers has over iPhone developers is that they do not need to go through the a review process like in apple. So updates to your application is instantaneous – straight from the developer’s oven.

Gravity & @tweetitow are my must have twitter applications! =) love my own!

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  1. kix

    I know this is 2 years late from your post but I just wanna know how you purchased Gravity. Was it thru credit card or paypal etc?