Facebook App for Nokia E71/E72 but Works in E63

I saw someone tweeting that Facebook has an application already for Nokia E71/E72. I did not believe it right away because there was a facebook ‘app’ already been listed in getjar and ovi store for a long time. But it was more of a facebook shortcut icon than a real application because what it really does, after installing it, when you run it is just redirect you to mobile browser opening the facebook website. You are better off bookmarking the facebook website in your mobile browser than installing that ‘pseudo facebook application.’

Anyway, my ‘curiosity/chismosa’ instinct was itching to go and check the truth behind that someone’s tweet of a facebook application for Nokie E71/E72. I checked the Ovi Store in my Nokia E63. Ovi Store is like Nokia’s equivalent for iPhone’s AppStore or Droid’s Market Area.

Please note I checked it from the Ovi Store in my mobile phone. Because I checked the getjar and Ovi Store online from my laptop, I did not see the Facebook for Nokia E71/E72 application listed in the non-mobile websites.

I only have a Nokia E63, a ‘lower’ version of E71/72 but nevertheless I tried downloading it and see if it will work.

facebook for Nokia E71/E72 in Ovi Store

Does it work on my Nokia E63? Is it compatible?


Facebook Application for Nokia E71/E2 works on my E63

But do not get overly excited yet because the first thing I notice is it’s sooo slowwww, which might be because my phone is ‘just’ an E63, and E71/72 are what are specifically mentioned in the Ovi Store.


User interface is not my expertise, but the look and feel of this facebook application is still too rough for my visual senses. Though, facebook application of iPhone is not really that shining, shimmering splendid snappy either but it’s not this rough also. So if I were Nokia, I will fund the team behind this because if they can beat the iPhone’s version of facebook application, it might make some facebook fans drool. =)

Facebook Application: Home

In twitter applications, one of the features I would usually look after is its ability to upload pictures. So that was the first feature I checked. And, indeed it can let you add picture via Take a Photo or From Gallery.

Upload Photo feature

I tried uploading pictures, both via ‘Take a Photo’ and ‘From Gallery,’ it worked but sluggish, slow.

How Photo Album is Displayed

Viewing a Picture from the Application

Look and feel wise, the lite.facebook.com (which I used when mobile browsing) is wayyy better than the facebook application for the Nokia E series (Symbian 60 OS). Feature wise, I’m already sold when I saw that it can upload photos via ‘clicking a picture’ from your celphone camera. Speed wise, using it feels like it’s always loading, retrieving, and loading — you can take naps in between. So my verdict is: I am more of a ‘function over form’ kind of person, just make it more snappy and smooth and fast, this will be a winner already for me.

There is no details as to when this was released or posted in the Ovi Store, so as to know the age of this application. But basing on the customer reviews, the first review was posted on on June, 2009. So I am assuming this was released during that time. So for a 6-month application, I guess it is still young. I am sure, there will be a lot of improvements to come. But while I wait for the updates or the newer version, I will stick with the lite.facebook.com for now.


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    I can’t use it on my E63 .. ==’
    It say, invalid application ID

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    where? i can be download Facebook for E71/E72..??

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    plz tell me where u download this app khalidraza@live.co.uk