My Gravity — native Twitter client for the S60 platform

I am still not over my excitement that I finally got a legit copy of Gravity for my Nokia e63 mobile phone. In my previous post, Gravity — my Favorite Twitter Application for Celphones with Symbian OS, the stuff I showed you was a cracked 1.20 version. I am not really a fan of pirated software applications for the reason that I had and have worked for software companies, and I know the hardwork developers are putting into creating an application. I prefer to get a paid version for reasons that it is not really about paying the developers, it is not really all about the money, but it is more of respect. Of course not to mention that it is our bread and butter since my husband is a developer, and was once a mobile application developer. Anyhoo, let’s cut the drama. You can read in my previous post, from cracked to paid, the reason why I had a ‘pirated’ copy before buying a legit one.

I got it for US$9.95, which is Php 457.37 in local currency. It is actually more pricey compared to any iPhone/iPod touch’s twitter applications which the most expensive is around US$ 4.99. But I tell you, if you are a big fan of twitter, Gravity is all worth the money.

Gravity price US$9.95

Following are the first few images of the my legit Gravity, the unboxing of Gravity.

I had to start from scratch again, adding one by one my twitter accounts. I have 3 twitter accounts that I look after — @owrange, @tweetitow, and @tweetitow_adm. Actually, Gravity serves as my point of CRM — customer relations management (but more on this in another post).

Bare Gravity

Gravity -- Adding Account

@owrange is the first twitter account I added to my new shiny simmering splendid Gravity.

Gravity -- adding twitter account

Then, I change my theme because the ‘white-ish’ theme is too glare-y for my poor vision. So I changed it to its ‘dark’ version. Actually, there are only 2 themes you can choose in Gravity. This means Gravity is not something just for playing with all the glittery starry themes as your background.

To change theme, simply click Options > View > Change Theme.

Gravity -- change theme

The 1st thing I notice that is new in 1.21 version I installed from my old cracked 1.20 version is that it will show me the number of new tweets on my timeline, mentions and direct messages.

Gravity -- showing number of new messages

The best thing about having a legit copy of the gravity is having access and capability to install updates and upgrades.

Gravity -- access to upgrades right from your mobile phone

So right now, I am using the Version 1.24 Build 6098 (sorry, I really do not much have idea what build 6098 means but I’ll look into that). The most obvious new features in this version for me is being able to add your Facebook account, and also Google Reader. The is renamed to StatusNet


Version 1.24 Build 6098 Gravity has Facebook and Google Reader capability

Gravity has been a big help to me in giving customer support to @tweetitow users. So gravity and @tweetitow always come hand-in-hand with me.

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