A new modified SMARTXT promo of Smart which is a combination of unlimited texting and free minutes for calling.

SMARTXT PLUS 25 – Unlimited texts plus 10 minutes of calls to Smart and Talk N’ Text (TNT) numbers for 1 day for only Php 25.
To register, text: TXT25 to 258
To use the 10 minutes call, dial *2590 + 11-digit Smart/TnT number (e.g. *259009181234567)

SMARTXT PLUS 60 — Unlimited texting plus 20 minutes for calls to Smart & TnT numbers for 5 days for only Php 60.
To register, text: TXT60 to 6402
To call using the 20-minutes for calling, dial *6402 + 11-digit Smart/TnT number (e.g. *640209181234567)

For more information about other text packages of different mobile networks — Globe/TM, Smart/TnT — please check ‘All About Unlimited Texting Services in Philippines (Globe/Touch Mobile, Smart/Talk ‘N Text)‘ post.


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7 responses to “SMARTXT PLUS

  1. Anonymous

    unli to all net po ba ang smartext 60?

  2. balls

    maymfree text ba to sa ibang network ilang days ang expiry

  3. shinichi

    isang tawagan lng b yung 20mins call sa SMARTXT Plus 60 na unli for 5 days??? o pdng putol putol yung pag twag mo?? for example,, 10mins sa gf mo,,, 5 mins sa kumpare mo tpos 5 mins pra sa iba pang twag… need response as soon as possible(ASAP),,, thanks…

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