Prefix Numbers to Get Per-Pulse Charge for Globe and Smart Calls

I thought that once the per-pulse law was passed,  mobile networks automatically change the charge system for calls to per-pulse.  Per-pulse is basically instead of being charged by the minutes, you will be charged per number of seconds. But then that is not the case because you need to add prefix number when dialing to call someone. The funnier thing is per-pulse charging only applies when calling same network number or sister company’s number. The mobile networks is implementing it like a promo.

So for Globe and Touch Mobile users, following are the prefix numbers or format of digits to use the per-pulse charging:

232 — when calling a Globe number. Replace 0 with 232 plus the 10-digit globe number (e.g. 2329271234567)

803 — when calling a Touch Mobile number. Replace 0 with 232 plus the 10-digit globe number (e.g. 8039271234567)

Additional conditions lifted from their advisory site:

Per second rates when using the aforementioned dialing sequence as follows:

  • – P0.10/second for Globe-Globe/TM and TM-TM/Globe calls Monday to Saturday
  • – P0.05/second for Globe-Globe/TM and TM-TM/Globe calls Sunday

Minimum maintaining balance of P7.50 required for Globe, P6.50 required for TM.

Applicable to Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, Globe Tattoo Prepaid, and TM.


For Smart, following lifted from their advisory site to:

To call per-pulse, the following prefixes must be used, plus the number being called:

Smart Gold and Infinity: *5433
Smart Buddy: *5434
Talk ‘N Text: *2255

Subscribers can also opt to be billed per minute, P5.50 for Talk ‘N Text and P6.50 for Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, and Infinity, or to subscribe to unlimited or bucket-price service offerings.

Call types supported by the per-pulse billing scheme are call features such as call forwarding and teleconferencing. At present, rates apply to calls made within the SMART and Talk ‘N Text network only.


Smart and Globe reasoned out ‘technical problems’ that is why they cannot yet implement the per-pulse charging as the default in their billing system. Geez, what do telcos think of their consumers? Dumb? They need yet to milk us for Christmas and New Year and holiday seasons!

My biggest question, by the way, is how do you identify Globe from TM number, and Smart from TNT number?


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