‘Kindle for iPhone’ in my iPod Touch

I do not know when Kindle for iPhone application became available here in Philippines. Because the last time I checked for it was 2 weeks ago, it was still not available in the App Store. Anyway, a friend told me about it that he was able to download a kindle on his iPhone. So I checked it earlier today, and indeed, it is now available for download here in the Philippines, and it’s FREE.

I am not really interested with Kindle hardware for the reason that physical books are something more satisfying to read — it is just me. And, I tried it using Mark’s, it’s kinda heavy — not that friendly when you read lying on bed which is how I usually read books (yes, that is why I have bad eye sight.).

The thing I like about having a kindle in my iPod is just for the heck of it. Really, the good thing about it is that I can share mark’s books on my iPod — one way of making the most out of the books he bought. I think a book you bought for kindle can be shared up to 9 kindle devices.

Yes, I do have a ‘Kindle for iPhone’ in my iPod. I also have YugaTech application. I only read yugatech when it has the ipod/iphone application already.

Kindle for iPhone logo in my iPod Touch


Nice thing about kindle is you can get sample chapters of book for free like the one below, ‘What the Dog Saw’ by Malcolm Gladwell. I have read a few pages, and it is quite interesting.


How texts are displayed

Just tap the screen to bring up the menu

I like it though I have not tried any pdf reader for iPod touch. My only question is how it consumes battery life of my iPod. It is a known downside for iPod touch is that battery easily gets drain when use to the maximum. I’ll see.

Goodbye to real physical books? Of course, not.

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