What is Twitter for me?

I realized I created this ‘blogsite,’ Mobile Tweeting in Philippines, for months already but I never once define or describe “Twitter.” Mostly, people would label twitter as a social media tool, or as online mareting tool, or just another social networking site, while some business call it as business tool. The thing is I never used twitter for those reasons.

I signed up for twitter back in May 4, 2008 because all my favorite bloggers are tweeting. And, not being there means I miss a lot of fun. But then back at that time, I never understood twitter. I was overwhelmed with nonsense stream of blabber. You know, I thought it was trash trash, and I’d rather waste my time reading full-length blog with meat than these nonsense blabbers. So first, I signed up for twitter to join in the bandwagon.

Fastforward 2009 when I got an iPod Touch from my dear husband because he cannot afford an iPhone. Kidding. I then discovered twitterfon (now echofon), a twitter application. From there, I started to get hooked. So what’s with iPod and twitterfon that turn a switch on me to like twitter. It is mobile, handy-dandy. It is small that my kids will ignore it unlike the laptop which they always want to take away from me when I’m facing it. So I can easily sneak in while babysitting them. And, Twitter is short enough to be consumed from a mobile gadget. Tweets are short enough that I can easily dismiss them when my kids need my full attention. So second, I use twitter to fill in the lull moments when I was baby sitting. It is a great ADHD feeder.

Then, I started to discover some old friends twitter account. It let me know how they are now, who are they with now. For some time, all I did with twitter was look for old friends with ‘colorfu’ life. So third, I use twitter to stalk.

From stalking friends to stalking celebrities. But I never stayed long following celebrities because I always felt it’s their PA’s behind their twitter accounts. So I do not think my fourth use of twitter is stalking celebrity.

Then, I started to get back to work for a software company as a ‘technical’ writer. Being away for a year from the ‘corporate work,’ I was kind of lost on how to write technically for a year of just writing about mother rants. So what I did is follow technical people on twitter. I started following people from Mozilla, @azaaza is one of them. He is a very technically articulate in his blogs that I kind of learn from him what words to use. Then, there is @kathysierra who owns the blogsite ‘Creating Passionate Users‘ — with just that blogsite title, you already learn a lot from her. There’s @jowyang whom I got some common sense ‘web strategy.’ These are just the few twitter users on top of my head who were like my resource materials I used in my previous job. Even to the point that I made some life decisions basing on what I get from my twitter stream. Thinking about it now, it’s kinda stupid though. But I guess the thing with twitter is that ‘knowledgeable’ people are made accessible. They usually share insightful thoughts or share the books or an online article they read which they find meaningful — these are the things I always look forward to. Can you imagine reading the article read by some who’s who? Call me celebrity-sucker but then at least, there were some value in it. So fourth, I use twitter as my source of information.

Then, fifth is I use it as my freedom wall. It’s like my instant talk-mate. I’m just loud and sociable online, but in the real world, I’m totally a shy person. No one will object.

So I never used twitter as how people usually define it to be. I do not sign up to twitter to connect with friends for the reason that I do not want to flood them with my nuisance thoughts. Plus, there is facebook for that. But I did make new friends with different interests along the way. I never use it for social marketing though there was a time (and from time to time) that I invite people to use @tweetitow through twitter.

Some of my friends do not get why I am so hooked with twitter. And, I realized it’s useless explaining it to them for the reason that twitter is something you, yourself, define the meaning of it or your use of it. She/he can relate more to it because he/she has a say on what role the product, twitter, will have in his life.

This goes to any kind of service or products. Give your users/consumers/customers the free hand to define on their own the use of your service/product to them. Do not shove to their throat your own set of definition. Because it creates a more emotional attachment to your product with them having a role on defining it for theirselves.

The twitter not-so addict

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