Preview of Gravity Version 1.3 — Symbian Twitter Application

Right now, the most updated version of Gravity is 1.24 but works are already being done on the 1.3 version. I got a link,, to where I can download a preview of Gravity version 1.3, from @mobileways. Definitely it looks more exciting. Following are few shots of it:

Gravity ver 1.3

The Account page still looks the same.

Gravity ver 1.3

The most exciting new feature of version 1.3 Gravity is the DASHBOARD. Here you can view a more detailed profile of the user.



It now has the LIST feature of twitter. You can expand the Groups & Lists folder to view udpates by List.

Gravity: List feature

It also integrates the ‘saved searches’ you have from the twitter website. Following are my saved searches. I snoop on a lot of things. =) Chisms!

Gravity: Integrates saved Searches

Another cool thing I like is that I can sort of enlarge the headshot of twitter users. For people who want to scrutinize the looks of their tweetmates, this will come handy.

Gravity: Enlarge User's Image

And, another cool feature is Reply-To-All. It lets you reply to all twitter users mentioned in a tweet. =) Funky.

Gravity: Reply-To-All

This is something to look forward to in 2010.

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  1. jayson fabs

    wow that’s so amazing.. i wonder what connection did u use..:)