Globe Unlitxt or Immortaltxt?

I have a 500 pesos load now on my celphone – a rare occassion.

Personally, I don’t text much. But since I do some support stuff for @tweetitow, which entails texting, I find myself using Immortaltext.

Now, I am thinking, which is more ‘sulit’ — subscribing to 5-day unlimited texting for Php80 or subscribing to immortaltxt instead? If Php80 is converted to immortaltext, I will get 400 SMS to globe/tm & 80 SMS to other networks. If Php80 is subscribed to unlimited texting, I can get unlimited texting to Globe/Tm for 5 days.

So to ‘justify’ choosing a 5-day unlimited texting subscription over immortal text, I need to send out at least 80 SMS to globe/tm each day for 5 days so it will equate to 400 SMS of 80pesos immortaltext.

Conclusion: Immortaltext still fits me – 80 SMS/day is beyond my capacity.

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