— Camwhores, Add Some Twist to your Tweet Pics

I just discovered this new twitter web application, which, I think, has just started too. For me, it’s like twitpic or any photo sharing app for twitter only it lets you add caption or thought balloons/clouds to your pictures — makes it more exciting.

See my picture below has thought balloon in it. Cute, right?

You can upload and share pictures via uploading from your computer, importing from a web source, and, I believe the most exciting is, from your webcam. -- Create a Twidl

Since, I tweet and share pics most of the time via mobile phone, I tried uploading from my mobile phone (I simply use the mobile browser to access website, and upload from there.), and it works. Though, it was a bit sluggish because their feature for mobile upload is still in the works. But if you are really itching to use it from your mobile phone, it works. =) You can find here the post I made from the mobile phone. -- mobile compatibility feature soon

To support, check their fan page in facebook, or follow them on twitter. It’s the brainchild of @ericzoo — exciting to know he is from down south of the Philippines.

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  1. Yes, we are just over two months old but we are rapidly building cool stuff for Thanks for writing a post about us – Ill give your readers a preview of whats coming next = 1. like a twidl 2. fave a twidl 3. set twitter background 4. improved user pages. :)