Draft Schema of How MMS Will Be Processed in @tweetitow

This is just my imagination. This is not referred to the tech guy yet so I am not sure if this is doable technically. But I’m putting it down in case someone wants to work on it. =) Anyhoo, I do not think this is really an original idea — I have not checked any online resources.

How MMS will travel to @tweetitow gateway to twitpic:

MMS@tweetitow gatewayMMS extractor program (access globe’s mms server and retrieve the image from there) → MMS poster to twitpic program (upload the image to the user’s twitpic account)


What usually happens when some users attempt to send MMS to @tweetitow gateway is that Globe will not forward the MMS to @tweetitow but holds it in their server for 24 hours. (You can find here explanation on how MMS works.) Globe will send a text advisory to the gateway number with the following message:

GLOBE MMS: MMS. Get it from http://www.globe.com.ph/getmms. Password is xxxx. MMS message expires after 24 hrs.


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So the MMS Extractor program will retrieve the image from the globe.com.ph/getmms website. It will enter @tweetitow’s mobile number, and the password from Globe’s advisory message so it can access the image.

Once MMS Extractor has retrieved the image, it will then pass it to MMS Poster program. The MMS Poster will then post it to the sender’s twitpic account.


It sounds easy though from a tech-dodo point of view. I have no inkling idea how complicated it can be from the coder side.


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