Globe Tattoo Wifi Hotspot Not that Hot

Last night, I got so excited when I saw this leaflet, inserted into the Visibility bill, advertising the Globe Tattoo Wifi at Php 300. I was itching long time ago to get a JoikuSpot application, which enables your mobile phone to share its 3g reception to other wifi devices around it. But JoikuSpot was damn expensive at that time. By the way, Globe Tattoo Wifi is licensed from Joikuspot.

What makes me excited about this Joikuspot or Tattoo wifi is that it will kind of make my iPod touch become an iPhone. The lacking thing for the iPod touch to become an iPhone is the phone (of course), 3g capability, and camera, and other shiznits. Now if I have Joikuspot, I can take pictures via my E63 forward it to iPod touch via email. From my ipod touch, I can then retrieve the image from the email, save it. I can then post pictures via tumblr application and other cool photosharing applications in iPhone. Of course, it is such a long walk but then I’m still excited at the thought. (Anyhoo, I can always upload images to tumblr or other websites from E63 by simply emailing it.)

Globe Tattoo Wifi

The instructions on Globe’s leaflet and website is to download the application from your computer. But I was able to download it from my mobile phone’s browser, which is a lot easier because there is no need for me to transfer the file from the computer to the celphone. You can pay for the application via gcash or texting ‘load tattoo 300’ to 9999. The activation code/license key will be sent to via text.

Globe Tattoo Wifi Application

By the way, write the activation code down somewhere for safekeeping because other devices will use the license key to be able to use the Globe Tattoo Wifi running in your mobile phone. If you notice the image below, the Globe Tattoo Wifi connection in iPod is locked. You need the activation code for the ipod or other device to connect to the tattoo wifi.

iPod Touch Sharing the Globe Tattoo Wifi from my Nokia E63

Anyway, I tried it earlier. And, sad to say, I am DISAPPOINTED. I was able to connect and all, but when it is time for to browse and use it on applications, it just did not work.

I got a No gateway reply when browsing the internet from my mobile phone.

I got a DNS Timeout Error when updating the Gravity application.

Globe Tattoo wifi did not work either on my iPod touch.

And, when I ran the fring application from Nokia E63, the connection got killed, disconnected.

So I guess it is not yet a good time to purchase the Globe Tattoo Wifi right now. Since it is new, there might be some fixes and upgrades will be done to it later. I should have better waited for it until Globe has figured out how to make it more reliable and stable. I wanted to bang my head for not checking Joikuspot website before buying impulsively the tattoo wifi.

For those who are interested with the tattoo wifi, you better go and try the Joikuspot Light — it is free but limited version. Also, the Joikuspot premium is no longer that expensive. It is now only 7 Euro (just a php100 more than the tattoo wifi) from its original price of 25 Euro.

I tried the JoikuSpot Light. I was able to connect, but same with tattoo wifi, I encoutered No gateway reply error message when browsing. The good thing with Joikuspot is that it does not require any password when shared to other wifi devices.

So I am not really sure if it is the application’s entire fault — it can be mine, my phone, or the 3G connection itself.


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5 responses to “Globe Tattoo Wifi Hotspot Not that Hot

  1. may joikuspot premium kana? kng wla ka dito» Joikuspot premium libre na yan mag-download.. after ma-download.restart mo phone mo & open mo joikuspot (follow nlang sa instruction,may mag-prompt naman sa joikuspot ). Kng gsto mo i-personalize at encrypted ung sharing connection, pag-open mo sa joikuspot may mag-prompt dyan na “Allow sharing blah blah blah” – No mo lng settings dyan mo ilagay ano gsto mo pangalan ng wifi mo back and start.use myglobeInet.kng hindi ka makapasok restore mo Factory settings ng joikuspot, click back & connect myglobeConnect.

  2. Roi

    Mine is working perfectly on my N97mini. I can use it to surf the net with my laptop and iPod touch at the same time

  3. marr

    tried downloading it too from my e71 and also doesn’t work.the call center doesn’t know too how to address the problem, compounding it is the agent who i had to teach first what i was inquiring about. hohum….so much for the 300 php activation fee

  4. ben

    tried to change settings… so far its working on me… i am using my 5800 phone. my laptops connects to the wifi.