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I had the thought of wanting to be alerted via SMS in case I have new email. The Email SMS Alert will not send the whole email message to me, but instead just to alert me that I have a new email waiting for me in my inbox.

This wish just crossed my mind when I used to ‘freelance write’ before. Usually, topics assigned to me would be emailed daily. So I have to constantly check my inbox if my assignment arrive already. Anyhoo, there are times that I am out of the house and is not in a wifi vicinity so I will end up, turning on my GPRS from time to time to check if I they already emailed me my assignment. So it’s like a guessing game, and a waste of money on GRPS.

That is why it will come handy if I would get an SMS alert that I have a new email so I would no longer have to play the guessing game. That way I know that there is indeed a new email waiting for me to be read.

I talked to Mark about it but according to him it’s a tad complicated because of security issues. For one, it is email, it is something that holds valuable information of yours (like paypal accounts, bank accounts, online purchases, passwords of your online sites, etc). Generally, it does not sound so owkei having 3rd party applications accessing your email account.

So after some thoughts about it, I was thinking of creating a mail server where emails from your main email account will be forwarded. So what will happen is that I will set my gmail account to forward certain emails from someone I am looking forward to the ‘created mail server’ for SMS alert. If that mail server receives a new email, then the alert will come from there. This way, no 3rd party application has direct access to I/your main email account.

Gmail/other email account forward email —> Mail Server for SMS alert —> Alert my mobile phone

Again, this is based on my imagination — not to be taken seriously.

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