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With the buzz going around about Plug and Playtech’s event, Startups Take a Pitch, it is interesting to know this kind of event exists. It will be a great encouragement for those talented people who can exceute. More than the possible funding start-ups can get from this event, this is the time where they can showcase their creation.

Just my random thoughts about start-up:

* I think start-up life can be best described by Winston Churchill’s:

‘Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.’

On the other thought, this applies to all aspects in our life.

* Start-up is a culture. It is best to pitch and be funded by people who are from start-up because they understand how start-up works.

* Failed project is an advantage, it means experience and a sign of toughness.

* Funding vs Attention – Money is known a great motivator. But if money is hard to come by for you, try attention. =)

* Pop Applications vs World-changing serious boring applications. Start with pop applications — not much money in there but you will mostly get the attention. From the attention, build your reputation. With fame + experience, you can then probably move on to more serious business-model-tailored applications which can make investors and VCs go after you.

So what is pop application? Pop application is something that cuts through the mainstream. Try building applications around SMS. SMS is Philippines national language. With an SMS application, you have like ready millions of probable users. Example can be a simple Free Texting application (, hype it up a bit and you will be a buzz. You will get fans — attention. They are willing to give you feedback, report bugs, suggest features — take advantage of that to improve your skill and talent. Who needs consultant? You have real users at your hand.

On a serious side, try building a more convenient online payment application tailored fit to Philippine market. Check multiply and, you have ready market/users there.

* Again, ‘Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.’

In these line of thoughts, one has to have an abnormal sense of positivism, confidence, and unlimited source of ego booster to come out of start-up alive.

The deadline of submission to Plug and Playtech’s Pitch Your Start-up is February 2, 2010 (today). Check here for the details.

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