My Twitter Friends are more Techy than my Facebook Friends?

I just have this sudden urge to check Gowalla right now. I’m a foursquare user for the reason that it is more accessible — the iPod application and their mobile web are both available to me. I do not know what’s up with Gowalla that I cannot seem to find their iPod touch application — I’m guessing either their app is for iPhone only and it’s only available for US users only.

Anyway, I find few contacts from twitter here in Philippine checking in using Gowalla so I want to know if this is already indeed available here in Philippines. Out of curiosity, I checked who among my twittercontacts are using Gowalla, and then foursquare.

Foursquare wins for the more numbers of my twitter contacts using it over Gowalla. I have 28 in foursquare while only 17 in gowalla. If you look at it, more or less, my contacts using foursquare are the same people using gowalla.

mytwitter contacts using foursquare

my twitter contacts using gowalla

If you want to nitpick on it, you will notice that gowalla seems to appeal to web designers/artists. I guess it is really true that gowalla really wins in the user interface beauty part. In my gowalla twitter contacts, you will find Jeffrey Zeldman and Tim Van Damme who are popular for web designing.

I decided to check who among my facebook friends are using foursquare and gowalla. This time I want to know who among people who are more closer to me in relationship, Cebu/Philippine based people, is into this location-based social networking sites. Unfortunately, most of my facebook friends just know facebook.

my facebook friends using foursquare

my facebook friends using gowalla

If you look at it, the people appearing are not really close to me in location., Cebu, Philippines. Hello, facebook friends, there are other cute stuff online aside from your farms and fishes in facebook.  Anyhoo, it is not of my business. For all I know, they are dedicated to a more worthy cause than signing up for whatever social networking sites that will pop up — like me. =)


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5 responses to “My Twitter Friends are more Techy than my Facebook Friends?

  1. is there an API for foursquare now? Like tweetitow for twitter?

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  3. Chris

    Hey try, its the Philippines’ first location-based social networking site