From Twitter 02-03-2010

  • 00:33:28: I buy domain name to celebrate. i think i’m odd?
  • 00:42:37: @MaryflorG Touch na lang,flor. i think mas bagay sa imo.mas malingaw ka.nice naman to imo phone gud.sayang.
  • 01:16:51: Oh random ideas,please go away and let me sleeeeepppp!
  • 01:22:41: Php381.98 was d price of d last domain i purchased.happy now. =) sleep nako pls! Thank, God, for out of d blue realizations!
  • 01:24:10: Thinking out loud, wordpress s faster at mapping domain names than blogger.but blogger s cheaper,and google offer more apps.
  • 03:02:15: From Twitter 02-02-2010:
  • 09:30:50: @catingg Actually $14.95 sya sa wordpress.nya naa man ko $5 nga refund gud sa ila.mao na naigo sya’g $9 na lang.
  • 09:31:29: @catingg Godaddy or dotster ra ko usually tig palit. Aha ka tigpalit?
  • 11:23:39: i need a gps-phone to use gowalla. =(
  • 11:56:26: My Twitter Friends are more Techy than my Facebook Friends?:
  • 13:16:37: cool! blown away w/ the demo @jimjeffers is what myspace should be:
  • 13:28:46: @catingg unsa ila site? kinsa imo friend diha?
  • 13:47:07: @paologlim maghimo sila’g lain nga na sad =) heheh
  • 17:12:39: Start from scratch
  • 21:47:25: I’m off now. Will reply to ur msgs tomorrow. =)

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