From Twitter 02-06-2010

  • 03:02:19: From Twitter 02-05-2010:
  • 09:36:57: This is hilarious! -> “danmartell: If Twitter Clients were Action Stars @HootSuite would be Chuck Norris
  • 09:53:28: Done w/ d articles saved n my instaper. Shared some of the stuff on my tumblr. Haha. I hav tumblr, what the!
  • 09:53:55: help me to gain 1000 clicks, i currently have 232 points. /via @JanineXD
  • 10:52:18: Fancy Getting a Kindle
  • 10:52:22: Fancy Getting a Kindle:
  • 10:57:53: @Kimeh F u compare it to getting a new phone/flashy gadget, it’s not that U get to read books,d info u’l get s worth d money
  • 11:05:54: @Kimeh Onga no.=)marami temptation sa notebook kasi,u can’t concentrate reading.
  • 11:19:30: @Kimeh yep,may wifi but walang browser.pero i dunno sa kindle dx.
  • 12:35:56: i love pancakes!
  • 13:31:50: Phone/internet down. =( april boy on wowowee. =) the only tv show i watch.
  • 13:35:56: Lloyd umali stil sounds like michael bolton =)
  • 13:36:43: Richard reynoso still sounds like richard reynoso =)
  • 13:39:07: Jerome abalos diay nagkanta anang larawan kupas.
  • 14:06:36: galit ka ni willie?hehe @rukku Enjoy your show :P
  • 14:09:15: What’s the difference between ‘hibernate’ & ‘standby’ in windows? #fb
  • 15:05:41: How do u get to do sponsored post? @Kimeh: Ngayong hindi na ko nag sposponsoredposts, magpopost na ko ng tagalog sa akin blog. ;))
  • 15:28:35: @Kimeh what’s their average pay per article?i used to do seo writing b4 but i go thru a middleman who’d give me assignments.
  • 15:29:45: @haroldjames1988 @tweetitow cannot support MMS yet.text ra.f u want to post pictures to ur posterous,u need to do it via web.
  • 15:30:16: @haroldjames1988 use html to insert pic.
  • 16:01:36: My short hair needs a haircut!
  • 19:37:56: I never hav long hair.i feel so ugly w/ long hair. =) hehe @ragenstevart not too short rosee…x
  • 19:46:51: globelines s down the whole means no internet. Ohwell.better do some reading then.
  • 20:03:37: @haroldjames1988 i have but s also accessible.u getting a domain of ur own?

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