Foursquare on Gravity (Preview/beta Version) — links for download

I think one of the things I love about gravity is @janole lets his users have a part on the development of his products by letting them ‘bug test’ it before releasing the final version. I don’t think he’s doing it to save money from it but whatever reasons he has, it somehow makes the users ’empowered’ in a little way.

I haven’t installed it yet, and I’m not yet sure if this will work on my nokia e63. But I’m pretty excited because I like foursquare! =) though, gowalla beats foursquare in the aesthetics part but foursquare is the most flexible to use.

Enjoy the new feature of gravity! 

Jan Ole Suhr (@janole)
2/15/10 6:23 AM
Hotfix for Foursquare & Twitter-Nearby Feature: #Gravity Alpha 6325 – (for FP2: – Good night :)

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