Goodreads Has Now an iPhone/iPod Touch Application

I’ve been looking around for a ‘bookshelve’ kind of application for my iPod. I have the LivingSocial application which was good at start but later on, it often crashed on me – i’m not sure if this is fixed now though.

Just out of randomness, I checked earlier the app store for some bookshelf application because if none, I am thinking of asking someone to create one for me. =)

Whatta surprise to see GoodReads finally has an iPhone app. It was only available in AppStore last feb. 16, 2010 — very fresh. I haven’t used it that much. But hopefully it will not have te same fate of livingsocial.

Updates tab. I have Jeffrey zeldman there.

Friends tab. Aubrey, a friend of mine, is there. She currently has 107 books. Wooow.

Search tab

Explore tab

My profile. It’s empty because I’ve been using the livingsocial for its accessibility from my iPod.

Anyhoot, sayted to fill this up!

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