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  • 03:02:41: From Twitter 03-01-2010:
  • 07:58:16: @haroldjames1988 Seo cannot b installed.pls dm me ur email add so i can email u some resources there.thanks
  • 07:59:35:’s working now. RT @SantDeblois19: testing if my tweet will appear.. @SantDeblois19 =/
  • 08:01:34: RT @timoreilly: Does anyone have data on the average age of iphone developers vs. the average age of open source developers? Web developers?
  • 08:03:45: .RT @newsycombinator: Jessica Livingston with AirBnb live now.
  • 08:03:58: .RT @mediajunkie: New navbar patterns in the Yahoo! library
  • 08:05:05: RT @janole: Very good presentation running at the moment. For example: ‘If you need a manual to start using a phone or app, it’s a failu …
  • 08:06:29: Wooty RT @janole: Heh. Top apps by revenue in OviStore Australia. A (non-numbered) list of 10 apps. #Gravity on ‘place’ 5 :-)
  • 09:14:42: RT @andyy: RT @patrickc: Apart from my email, calls, texts, web searches, docs, chat history & location I dont think Google has *that* m …
  • 09:16:28: .RT @newsycombinator: Where in the World is Kathy Sierra? — Or, the best tech writing blogger ever
  • 09:28:10: @newsycombinator: Where in the World is Kathy Sierra?
  • 09:28:19: @newsycombinator: Where in the World is Kathy Sierra?:
  • 09:59:08: Human Behavioral Patterns are More Important than Interface Design Patterns
  • 09:59:18: Human Behavioral Patterns are More Important than Interface Design Patterns:
  • 10:00:53: .RT @ChuckBlakeman: The new world – 26% get news from cell phones; 17% from newspapers – FoxBusiness
  • 10:00:56: Agree =) RT @olinaqian: New, Arbitrary App Store Rejection Reason: “Minimum User Functionality”
  • 10:03:30: Waiting for my tooth’s turn here at the dentist. =)
  • 10:33:46: That was a quick tooth less than 5min. Highly recommend dr sullano for ur dental needs in consolacion,cebu. =)
  • 10:35:58: No.My phone’s no gprs. @appletej H! Hav u try geo tagging?
  • 10:44:44: @appletej i hav d updated gravity but i’m using e63 phohe unit – it doesn’t hav gprs capability =(
  • 10:49:14: lagi.but don’t feel comfy eating any thing yet. @LasagnaSurfer Know what time it is? Ice cream time. XD
  • 11:24:35: @appletej Hopefully when i can afford a new phone =)))
  • 11:29:42: windows say start normally.of course,i don’t want it abnormal way. (@ TGU Building)
  • 15:01:24: RT @mediajunkie: New navbar patterns in the Yahoo! library
  • 15:45:57: If you are looking to stock your library, you can’t go wrong with this list of books. These are the include j tidwell
  • 16:08:08: Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng sangkatutak na advertisements? Does the Presidentiables Facebook Ads…:
  • 16:24:08: @lemonsito Naa sad sa cebu city ila mga orange ribbons.until now,wa pa nahipos along talamban. =( as in.
  • 18:07:53: Check out this SlideShare presentation : Understand Your Customers’ Social Behaviors
  • 21:07:12: RT @jameshd: Growing a page via a more button is terrible #ui #design #pattern If you’re going to use it (FB + Twitter) remember how man …
  • 21:40:05: Charging d phone. Good night.will get back to ur msgs tomorrow morning.

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