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I guess we are all familiar with location-based social sites — foursquare, gowalla, brightkite, loopt, and many many others. Foursquare became available to Philippines this year, and so is Gowalla. But I am a foursquare user over gowalla because foursquare mobile site is more accessible from my ipod and e63.

I got a message about a location-based social site which is developed by Filipinos, I believe. Their site mention does not mention any thing about the people behind it. Anyway, I notice why Filipino weblication (web application) usually do not put a face behind their creation. Please do provide information about the team behind. There are people like me who will feel more supportive and can easily connect to your product if I see the faces behind it.

I am happy to share — the first location-based social site developed by Pinoys (correct me if i’m wrong).

my page -- add me rbuenconsejo @

Let’s go and populate with spots and breadcrumbs. I like them using breadcrumbs — it’s cute. Breadcrumbs is the equivalent of tips of foursquare. -- location-based social networking site of philippines

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