iSoft Twitter – Your Name Bores Me

Actually, there is a Twitter iPod touch application named Twitter. I just titled this post iSoft Twitter to give a little differentiation. This makes me think that this is probably twitter’s mobile app for iPhone because they permit it o use ‘twitter.’ The reason twitterfon becomes echofon is because Twitter is copyrighted blahblah.

So anyway, Twitter let’s me login every time I open it. Boring!

Then gives you a Twitter timeline which is basically that’s it for this app.

Well, it’s color combination is odd, out of taste but I like it. I like badly combined bold colors. Attitude!!! Can’t get any badder than pink & green.

Aside from it’s bad color combination, I like that when you view a user’s tweet, its background shows the user’s chosen background from his Twitter account settings.

And, nothing more to talk about it. So iSoft Twitter — delete or cancel???

See it’s name is really Twitter. Should research on that.

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