Getting Comfy ‘Blogging’ from my iPod Touch

After a year with my iPod touch, I finally came to be comfortable posting blogs from it. Before, I need the big screen of a laptop/desktop with all the pictures from the picasa, and other opened browsers for referrence. That’s why it’s super hard for me to get it done on an an eeny weeny screen of an iPod, which you have to close/open to switch from one app to another. But now, i’m getting the hung/hang of it.

The only spare time I have to tweak with my ‘blogs’ is when I’m already down in bed putting my kids to sleep. So to make the most of it, I spam the worldwideweb via my iPod while waiting for sleep to take over me. =)

I’m loving blogpress (it has a free version). You can post to multiple blogsites one time.

If only it can also post to my multiply also, I’d be an ultimate happy camper of blogpress. Multiply is just such a closed app. =(

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