Location Based App War – gowalla vs foursquare

If you based it on their icon, gowalla is definitely prettier.

Their ‘places’ tab. As what everybody is saying, foursquare is wayyyy behind from gowalla’s prettiness.

Another thing I like about gowalla is it will display all the users who checked in on that place, and who created it.

Compared to foursquare which I think ony shows the ‘mayor’ (the most number of check-ins) of that place.

But the thing that makes foursquare a winner for me is that it lets you manually add the address details if the gps map is not correct. This comes handy when your device is no gps feature. Since my ‘mobile devices’ are not gps-capable, it is easier for me to use foursquare.

With gowalla, the map just sticks, no way to modify it.

Until I can afford a gps-capable mobile device, I’m for foursquare. But on the other thought, ‘rumor’ is that foursqaure will soon be releasing a very pretty looking look.

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